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3 Different People With The Same Visions

I was riding dirt roads with a friend one night, and as we were riding along, I saw a semi-transparent boy in a striped shirt riding a bicycle right in front of us. He was peddling hard and fast and he looked back at us and seemed to peddle harder looking back to the front of him. Before I could get a word out my friend ran him over, it seemed. The driver didn’t see what I saw and it didn’t feel or sound like we had ran over anything.

My daughter, who was not even born at the time of my vision, told me she saw a boy riding a bike on a dirt road this weekend. She also told me she saw a interview on TV of a girl that described the same vision.

I never told any one,not even the friend I was riding with, what I saw that night. What does this mean?

Mystically Spiritually,Curious,

Beth & Zoey

Asked by Elizabeth

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Visions Of The Other Side?

The other day I was outside and I passed out on my friend. I seen a person maybe a little girl not sure the gender but we were in a big field and their back was turned toward me and they were a pretty good distance from me but I heard her or him say “we’re waiting”.

It was so clear like they were standing right beside me but before I could get to them I woke up and I was on the ground.

It didn’t scare me I was completely calm and paramedics couldn’t find out why I passed out.

What could this mean?

Asked by Chelsea

Dreams and Sleep

Visions And Vivid Dreams

Very frequently and randomly I get quick very detailed mental images? What are they?

I also have weird vivid dreams. Most are lucid. But thats not the weird part, the weird part are the messages I receive in these dreams and my feelings and thoughts at the time im in these lucid dreams. My most recent one was just last night, I was at my mums house and she was outside on the veranda while I was inside, then in the instant I entered the dream my mum started shouting out that the birds were being crazy, I instantly felt uneazy and frightened so I ran outside to see what she was talking about, I looked up to the sky and seen a sky full of birds flying in a huge oval shape across the sky, my mum then started to say that something dangerous was going to happen, right after she said that, right behind the birds, I seen the sun dropping out of the sky behind the clouds, I ran inside and told everyone to get in the car while I grabbed the keys and it instantly began to get very dark, but I awoke. Does this means anything?

I also had a crazy surreal lucid dream where I had a reoccurring voice in my head that repeatedly told me to ask questions as soon as I entered the dream. Long story short, my nan (in my dream) had told me that lucifer was coming later in that exact dream I was visited by a man in a black cape he had orange hair and a few missing teeth, I asked him for help and he told me I had to find it myself and that I was here for something.

Asked by anonymous

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Apocalytic Visions or Ascension Visions?

This question arises from the discussions we are having on another site here.

Why is it that some people only see Apocalytic or biblical type visions (Judgment day), while other people are seeing visions of a bright happy future, sometimes supported by channelled messages from entities such as the Galatic Federation (ascension), while others again see visions that seem more related to science fiction, such as aliens descending upon us all (invasion)?

Love & Peace Ama Nazra

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Visions – What Causes Them?

This question is inspired by Lisa. Thanks, Lisa.

What influences visions?

Are they the direct result of communication with spirit or psychometry or telepathically based?

What is the purpose behind visions?  Are there different kinds of vision?

Is there a difference between daydreaming and visions?

Like Lisa, I get random images in my head so I thought this would be a really interesting topic to discuss.

Asked by A. J. Ryder

Dreams and Sleep

Vision and Dreams What Are They All About?

I have always had visions and dreams, Whitney Houston came to me the night she died, and I would like to know why. In the dream people were looking for her but could not see her but I could she was standing there looking like a doll, I could see her but the people that were looking for her could not see her. My husband woke me up and said she had just died.

When I was about 20 years old my best friend was going out of town, for some reason I told them not to go. I was very persistent in telling him not to go. At the time I did‘t know why I as telling him not to go. But he went anyway and when he arrived he got robbed and he was shot in the head and died that night.

What is this all about please help me?

Asked by lovess12