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Visions Dream and Choked

When I was a young boy I have always been a believer of god I would see this visions when I was awake black out and see them and then wake up and a few seconds or minutes later. They would come true know things about people they would ask me how do I know that, dream certain things and they would come true.

I had turned 16 and went to a Christians men’s home to learn about my gift and learn more about god. We were on our way back from a bible retreat when arriving to the men’s home in the van driving I blacked out saw a vision of water running down the front window of the van and then my set belt turning on fire. I then woke up and was kind of confused. I then saw a few seconds later running down the front window was water just like my vision but no set belt burning.

I then came out of the van went up stairs to unpack. I then started to fall asleep was in a deep dream I saw burning trees mountains and like a lake of lava with burning rocks like the end of the world. I then woke up quick and then felt my body twisting and my body was moving it felt real and was like I was day dreaming but wasn’t it was like something was holding me down by force on my chest and then choking me. I gasped for air but couldn’t speak and then out of my voice came “are you ready are you ready” and it wasn’t my voice that spoke out it was something else.

I then new what it was and pleaded the blood of Jesus Christ for it to go away I said it in my mind two times then it stops like my body had just feel down on the bed I then fell asleep then some with a like scaled burnt raw flesh face came out from no where and then took a lash at me. I then woke up again and felt something hurting on my right stomach. I lifted up my shirt and there it was like some one had cut me. Tell me what you think.

Asked by Santos

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Hi Santos,

I think you had a run-in with something truly nasty, but its gone now. You did the right thing asking for help. The dark cannot deny the power of Jesus Christ, for which we are truly grateful. How long ago did it happen?

You have visions. When you feel like you are going to have one, make sure you are some place you can sit down, rather than falling down. Keep a book with you to record everything you can remember from what you ‘saw’, plus the date and time it happened, as soon as you return to consciousness. That’s so you can go back and check on the accuracy of what you remember about them in later times.

Do you know what the Armour of God is? If you don’t you might benefit from learning it. Look it up on the internet. Some of us are soldiers for God, and somtimes the battles touch earth, and humans, in unexpected ways.

Nothing like this might ever happen again. We are all very well protected.

Love & Peace

Humbly, I think you may be among the ranks of the Atlanteans during it’s demise. 🙂
Wow…now that I read that, I think the “me” from a couple years ago would be speechless…funny what changes your beliefs over time.

I have a LOT of dreams in my life of everything burning. I’m a lucid dreamer who goes back to a recurrent place every night….a beautiful city. And sometimes it burns around me.

I also have two friends that have gone through regressions and “remember Atlantis”. What is eerie is how much their descriptions match some of yours (even “water flowing” before the fire begins) as they were both there at the end of Atlantis.
So, strictly from a reincarnation perspective: I’m wondering if this new age of ascension/englightenment/total destruction of the Earth and damnation of all (whatever you believe/want to call it)….is a bit of a reunion for some of us.
Heck, maybe every major apocolypse is hyped up from those of us expecting it…because we’ve lived in–then died from total destruction of our environment. We’ve got the soul memories of this.

Just a theory….and maybe not much of one at that.

Hmm .. 🙂

Good morning, Siddle,

.. being an Atlantis ‘survivor’ 😉 .. it actually imploded, there was not nearly as much lava as one would expect from a volcano exploding. LOL

Are many of us back now, in this lifetime, working to stop the same sort of thing happening again .. yes. So are a bunch of really nasty people who lived then too. We all have a lot to learn. 🙂

Your city might have been Atlantis? Did it have a temple of crystal at the heart .. with crystals in it over 40 feet high? Was it circular with concentric lakes around it? Fascinating.

If we were going with the volcano scenario .. Santos could also have been in Pompeii or Herculaneum when they exploded, or other volcanic cities. He could also, being religious, have a mind that focuses on the symbolism of hell .. fire and brimstone .. or it could have been imagery implanted by some entity that wanted to terrify him and would take images and thoughts from his mind, and feed them back to him.

I should have commented on this, but I think Santos was not quite awake as he thought he was when he ‘woke up’ and found his body trying to twist and move to free itself of whatever was touching him. I’ve had a few run-ins with negative entities that have followed me home, and booted them out of my energy when they tried to play games.

Love & Peace