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What Was That Scary Evil Voice That Cursed At Me?

I am new at this but, I have been making a few other posts about some of my other experiences. This is the very first incident that set this all in motion.

What I first experienced in my home I swore it was demonic, because it actually cussed at me one night, I had flooded my Kitchen floor accidently with a portable washer it was about 2 or 3 o’clock in the AM and while I was sweeping the water out my back door with a broom something said to me “What are you doing” It was one of the most evil voice’s I have ever heard it reminded me of the Exorcist, but 10 times scarier.

I was standing with 1 foot in my house and 1 foot outside and what ever it was could have only been 3 or 4 feet away but my security light did not activate and my pit bull just laid and cried. I have never heard a dog literally cry before but it did. My very first thought was I am not going to get my door shut before this person gets me that is how close it was and I could still hear it cussing at me with my door shut but, I could not make out what else it said. I know it was the most evil voice I ever heard and I started screaming for my sister who was in the living room to get my gun.

I knew it was not human, but back then I was an Atheist and did not believe what I had heard could be supernatural but I could not come up with another rational reason why I did not see something that was that close and my dog that is very protective and usually barks so much my neighbors complained just laid and cried. Then I thought if it was someone human I was in very big trouble because it really had the most evil voice that I ever heard and if a human was talking that way it wanted me dead.

I have said that people have verbally abused me before but, they have not. What I experienced was a verbal attack in the worst way. And a few weeks to a month before this I thought that someone was watching me. I had even hung sheets up as a second layer of window covering because that is how strong the feeling was and I was usually at home at night by myself because my husband worked nights and my daughter had not moved to our new home. I had 2 dogs at that time and the one named muddy that laid and cried that night kept being tormented by what ever it was and he did not want to even come in at night, I had to literally drag him in and then he would lay by the back door and whine to go back out. My other dog reacted too, but not to the extreme muddy did. We had do send him to live on a farm because of his behavior he was 4 years old and had never acted like that and loved to be in the house.

But, this was the very start of what I am still experiencing this happened in Sept. of 2010 and my husband would not believe me that I was being haunted for the first 3 months. He really thought I had lost it because I was a pure atheist and use to laugh at people who believed in anything and now I was being plagued by knocking and growling the growling happened all of the time I still have knocking sometimes and something would touch my head and poke me in the back while I did laundry or washed dishes.

It seemed to be aggravated by water and when I was near it like the first night when I flooded my floor. I thought it was this house but I know now it is not just the house, my sister has things happen to her now and my youngest daughter to this day too, but it is nothing compared to what I am going through. But,I really thought it was demonic I had all kinds of things happen and I have tons of EVP’s and Pic’s we have caught and had a paranormal team here that did get 2 EVP’s them selves but experienced more. My ghost scared some of them too. But by that time I was not afraid anymore.

One theory I have is when I quit being afraid of it, it stopped being aggressive and I think that it depends on the energy you are sending out to it and if it is negative it reacts negative and when I quit being terrified by it I stopped sending negative energy and started sending more positive energy or it was a ghost trying to scare me acting like a demon. But, I also think there is 3 different things around me and I also know one protects me. I am just not afraid of it at all now. It still startles me sometimes, but I am not in the least bit terror filled as I was at first.

The last few months it has settled down again and things only happen 1 or 2 times a month now compared to the 3 or 4 times a week. But, I have had many experiences of different types in this short of time and I now think it is cool that I experience these things because I have a new found belief in God that sure was not there before this happened. And I also feel love way stronger than I ever had before so much it has changed me for the better everyone that knows me says I have become a calmer and better person to everyone around me.

This has been a life changing experience that is for sure. But, I sure have had some very odd and strange things happen and many others have now experienced them with me too. But, I lost even caring if anyone even believed me many months ago. At first I was on a quest to prove to my husband and myself. I think me and my daughter probably aggravated the heck out of it or them always trying to get EVP’s and pictures for about 2 months straight. We always laugh about that now thinking that the ghost sure messed up picking us to haunt, people who would aggravate them right back like they did us.

Asked by Christine

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Hi Christine,

Sounds more like a ghost than a demon to me. Some living people can sound pretty nasty (I used to drive taxis), but when you can’t ‘see’ who is talking, its as freaky as blazes. I do feel very sorry for your dogs. Our dog used to just ignore the ghosts who dropped in as they tried to pass through .. kinda like he ignored the rabbits when I took him for a walk.

Demons don’t give up and go away when you stop producing the energy they feed on. They increase the attacks. Ghosts, on the other hand, as long as you give them some energy (by paying attention to them), will happily hang around. The problem is that they tend to latch onto one or two people and start to affect their physical and emotional state of health. In other words, they make them sick (cause illnesses and depression etc). It’s better not to live in a haunted house.

If you would like to clear your home, at the bottom of this page is a link to The Michael Invocation. We use it to clear house. It works very well. The instructions are on the webpage. Any questions you can ask here, or write to me from a link on the site.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra