Could A Demon Have Entered My Life?

Lately I’ve been really obsessed with the paranormal (to be more specific with “demons”). I’ve been watching a lot of movies about paranormal activities & exorcisms, also I’ve been doing a lot of researches about them too.

I stopped visiting church, I have a lot of mood swings lately like anger, careless, sad, depressed, having bad thoughts in my mind, feel scared like someone is watching me, extremely afraid of the dark. I’m 26 years old, my relationship is deteriorating because of all the fighting which I always start.

I’m desperate I don’t know what to do, I think something evil might be watching over me. Is this is the case please help me…

Asked by Arnerys

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It sounds more like you need to go see a doctor. It could be depression, bi-polar disorder or any number of things. I wouldn’t think the research or movie-watching would be the cause of the problems. I’ve been interested in the paranormal my whole life and I’ve never had it do that to me. Although I did quit going to church, it was because of personal feelings as opposed to a demon making me do it. But then again, I’m not a paranormal expert so I could be wrong. I hope you feel better!

Hello Arnerys

Are you hearing voices? Are your thoughts still your own? Are the bad thoughts spoken in some one else’s voice or your own? Are you ‘told’ to do bad things to people? Do you want to destroy religious objects and have no respect for your own property or other people’s?

What happens when you actually go to church? How often did you go before this started – were you a once-a-weeker or a once-in-a-whiler? Have you given up bible study?

As for watching movies .. why do you watch them? I think its more likely you are frightened of death, or like the thrill of being scared – the same as most people who watch that nonsense. When you live with ghosts and demons as part of your reality, you realise that most of what is shown on tv is simply not true.

So .. you might be an adrenalin junkie .. or as Bridget points out .. you could be suffering from depression, and/or a bi-polar disorder. That comes from having a lot of repressed anger trying to make its way out .. which would explain why you pick fights.

How much do you value your relationship .. and the one with your family? If they are more important to you than you staying the way you feel now .. go and have yourself checked out by your doctor. That’s what I would do first, and have a discussion with a psychiatrist, before you decide there’s a demon trying to cause you problems. .. and I am knowledgable in this area .. after far too many years of experiences.

Wishing you a speedy recovery,
Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

It sounds like you are having some issues with self control. I know you may not be a Christian but the Bible tells us (and yes it was written for you too) that we are to guard our hears and minds and to renew our minds daily. To think on God and His love for you rather than things of the world that can really confuse you and get you obsessing on things that are not good.

Why do you think you obsess over paranormal things. It could be that it is God attempting to reach out to you.

Hello Koinonia,

I think you mean ‘hearts’ rather than hears.

Personally I don’t think demons are God’s way of reaching out to people, given their attitudes and behaviours .. but that’s just my opinion.

This gentleman never came back to us, at least we tried to help. Can’t say that for some ministers in churches. I hope you have found one that will help when someone feels they are obsessed with the dark.

Love & Peace