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Is it An Imp Or Something That Has Been Following Me?

OK I’ve known for years something is following me. I know it’s a red imp that my step dad attached to me.

It start back when I was 15 I would randomly get really mad and I’d have to get to high spot or work out to calm down. Well when I turned 18 my eyes turned from brown to hazel they change with my emotion now. And recently yesterday in fact I woke up with two scratches on my left forearm left thought and left shin.

Is it the imp or is it what’s been following me since I was born.

Asked by Tyler

One reply on “Is it An Imp Or Something That Has Been Following Me?”

Hi Tyler,

I doubt an entity that has been following you for years would decide to scratch you to get your attention. It already knows it has your attention.

Your eyes changing colour are actually normal. Genetics is a wonderful thing to study, and people’s eyes do change once in a while. Perhaps someone in the family has done the same thing? Mine change from hazel to dark green when I get cranky .. and then go back to hazel, but we never worry about it.

There are other entities out there that scratch. If you scroll to the bottom of this webpage you’ll find a link to white light shields. Learn them and use them, that should keep the scratchers out of the house. If you want to be rid of the imp, the Michael Invocation will probably remove it (a link to it is also at the bottom of this page), or you could ask your father to remove it, since he is supposed to have put it there.

Love & Peace