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Seeing A Black Orb

Strange things have been happening in my house lately. I feel like I’m being watched all the time, things falling and breaking, noises, I was trying to shut my door but it something wasn’t letting me from the inside of my bedroom and I stepped back and it suddenly shut by itself.

I was in my office one day cleaning up and my fiance was in the room as well playing video games and I seen something black in the corner of my eye and I looked and I seen a black circle (which im thinking its a orb) rapidly going to my hangers and made them move,and after that it suddenly disappeared I thought my fiance threw something but he said no and he seen that too.

I have spoken to my mother in law and she said she knows what im talking about and that it has been following her everywhere she goes. She believes that she has been cursed by one of her family members.

I am a high believer in ghosts and the paranormal and its been getting me very disturbed and making me and my husband to be argue a lot and the mood in the household isnt great over this situation.

Im just looking for some answers to put my mind to ease or at least to be aware of what im dealing with? Please get back with as soon as possible.

Thank you

Asked by Lisa

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This is what is known as a classical attachment. One that doesn’t like to be noticed and tries to oppress the ones that are in the location in which this entity
can be found. In this case, your house.

Use the Michael Invocation found on the bottom on this page under the comments.

Whether or not this was a former living person at your house or not, doesn’t matter. It still needs to be sent to where it belongs and to leave you and your mother alone.

I was sitting at the edge of my bed my wife on her side of the bed. I watched a black orb hover in slowly around the corner of the door way then straight to my feet and gone. Being a skeptic I searched my room him and low. Never finding the source. However I will be sitting on the couch watching tv…and look over cause I feel a presence next to me. Then nothing. When I first moved to this home I had to replace the up stairs door handles. Well kids was in school so I decided to take a nap. I woke up 3 times to someone juggling the door handle. Waking up half asleep..I ran to the door to catch someone and give them a scare. Opened the door…realised kids was still in school. There was no door handle on the outside of the door yet. So whatever was shaking the door handle was in the room with me. I’m now getting worried that I am seeing black orbs. What should I do?