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Black Figure Harassing My 10 Year Old Brother

Hi, my younger brother has been having a lot of problems with this person or entity, not sure how to describe this but anyway, at the start of his sightings things weren’t that bad but as time progressed things have gotten worse.

He is only 10 years old and the stories he has explained to me are quite chilling. He tells me that this person talks to him, he tells him he must never look at him as this makes him angry. This person always stares at him from the corner of his bedroom, the room itself is always very cold all year round.

It got to the point he had to sleep with our mum in her room for around a month until he returned to his bedroom. He was histerical when he was asked to go stay back in his own room, and this is not like him in any way. He doesn’t like to talk about this person because he says this makes him mad.

They were away on holiday recently and when they returned we noticed a concentrated patch of scratches above his bed nearer roof height that wouldn’t be possible for him to reach to make these marks. This is what has me worried and the reason I’m searching for some sort of help. In my eyes if this thing can mark his bedroom walls it could hurt him.

When I tried to ask him anything about this person he tries to quieten me and tells me not to speak of him or things will get worse.

Please could you shed some light on this as I’m getting quite worried now. I just want this to stop and for him not to be scared any more. I believe everY thing he tells me because of the way he tells it. Things like this can’t be made up from someone so kind and caring as he. I hope someone can be of some help. This is the best way I can explain things.

Asked by David

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Hi David,

Has your brother told your parents? If not, the sooner the better. They could then arrange to have your brother and the house blessed, if you all go to church, or they could use the Michael Invocation (the link is on this webpage under ‘Pages’) to clear the house. If your parents are not aware, or open to the idea, you and he could say it together.

Being haunted is not an unusual problem. This whole website is about people seeing things that are strange and unusual. The solution to hauntings is usually a simple blessing, of one kind or another.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra