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Repeated Dream Of Deceased Son

My best friend lost her son 22 years ago from suicide. She was diagnosed with kidney disease about 2 years ago.

Recently she has started having dreams of her son standing on the opposite side of a beautiful river and telling her to come over to him. She tells him that she cannot come over because she can’t swim.

Now she is wondering if it means that she will die soon and he is letting her know that he will be there for her.

Please help her with this concern. Thank you

Asked by Anita

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Hello Anita,

I think that might only be a tiny part of the dreams she is having. Would she share everything else she remembers from them, before we comment.

Love & Peace

Has she dreamed of him before? My son and late husband both still come to me from time to time; my husband more so because he has been gone only 4 years now. My son has been gone 13 years. They come to me from time to time and let me know that they still love me and are waiting for me. They come sometimes when I am sick or depressed and sometimes they come just to “visit”. Maybe this lady’s son is just trying to comfort his mother or maybe he is telling her that her time is near. Either way she should see it as an act of love on his part and draw strength from it to face whatever she must face – she could live on for years or she could go tomorrow, either way he is there for her. My prayers are with her. Robbie

thank you, robbie,for you care and concern, she too has the dreams when she is depressed or sick. (she has renal diease)
i will tell her what you said because your story is so simular to hers.
love and peace,

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