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Bruises That Never Go Away

Hi I was in an abusive situation, my husband beat me so severely I am lucky to be alive, I got away and went to my Sisters this was 2009. I had bruises every where and my head had been bashed in several places. I did not go to the doctor out of fear. He started stalking me.

During the time at my sisters he passed away suddenly from congestive heart failure. All the bruises went away or so I thought. My current boyfriend noticed bruises where fingers had been on my back that was over a year ago and now it is 2013 and the finger prints are still there. Could this be paranormal it is very creepy and bothers me a lot if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Thank you.

Asked by Cheryl Briscoe

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Hi Cheryl,

I have ‘bruise’ marks all over me. Partly they are pigment from damaged skin cells or the genetic weirdness of my DNA (fair and darker skinned relatives from all over the world), and some are leftovers from when I repeatedly hit myself on various spots, like ankles and elbows .. they are not paranormal, they are just what my body has created. Every time I give myself a solid whack .. I have a habit of ‘kneeing’ the bedpost when I try to creep past in the dark, not to wake my husband, I can stay bruised for years.

If you are really worried about it, go and see the doctor. Bruising can be a symptom of other problems, otherwise, in my experience, bruising is just burst blood vessels under the skin ..

Love & Peace

Thank you for responding Ama. The only thing that bugs me they are actual marks of my husbands fingers very weird! Once again thanks


Well, Cheryl,

Since he did the original damage, and presumably kept doing it until you left him, its not surprising that your skin still shows the damage. There are creams available these days that are supposed to help remove blotches on the skin .. check with your pharmacy?

The other thought that comes to mind is that forgiveness is incredibly healing, even to the point of changing a person’s physical state. Perhaps you could apply that sort of healing to yourself, for yourself? It might not be easy, but it can be life-changing.

Love & Peace

Hello Cheryl,

So sorry for the pain and suffering you went through… after my divorce I was in a relationship like the one you have mentioned… I have so many scars and imprints from the abuse I took in my so called relationship… the body is fragile.. I have marks on my skin as well.. like a bruse near my elbows.. and shins… scars on my knees and left foot where he threw the phone and broke the bones on top of my left foot.. the only hauntings I have of him.. are the ones I allow by thinking back and asking why?.. or what did I do wrong..? .. to which the answer is.. it was his problem not mine.. I suffered for it.. but thank God I had the right mind to get away from it…I count mine as battle wounds.. and I can say I defeated the enemy.. because of where I am today 🙂


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