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Why Do Unexplained Things Happen To Me?

I am 68 years old and I have had many unexplained things that happen to me over the course of the last 7 years. TV turning off on it’s own, lights blinking, hearing my name called, seeing a white mist in my bathroom, hearing strange knocks within the walls, feeling someone on my bed and sitting on my bed. I am in very good health, stay active and I’m not crazy.

The most recent happening took place about 3 weeks ago and I still can’t believe what happened. I was lying on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon talking (praying) to God and telling him that I had always felt like I had someone watching over me and protecting me all my life. This I have prayed about many other times. I asked God if it could be my deceased dad who had died in WW2, 1946, and if it was possible and not too much trouble could he give me a sign if my daddy was in fact with me.

I laid on the sofa about 10 minutes and all of a sudden I see a small bright light shine on the wall (no sunshine that day) and then a dark shadow of a male figure appears on the doorway as if it was walking into the room I was in. I was stunned but had no fear to say the least. Could this have been God letting me know that my dad is in fact watching over me?

All these things only happen to me. My husband is in grave health and is a skeptic. He simply doesn’t believe me. So much more I could tell you about things that go on here.

Please help me.

Asked by Anita

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Hi Anita,

Yes, your father will be watching over you, all of your family ‘in spirit’ are, they love you very much.

Everything you have describe are common signs of a haunting, they are ways for ghosts to get people’s attention. To know if it was definitely your father you would have to have been able to recognise him in some way – his energy, his scent, hearing his voice, the shape of his face or body, or his movements. Your mind would recognise perhaps one or two and then you would not feel worried, because he is familiar to you. Was there anything else about the figure that reminded you of him?

Was the small bright light a circle and did it vanish as your shadow visitor appeared?

I definitely don’t think we are crazy just because we can see ghosts. 🙂 The gift is beginning to appear more often these days, so perhaps one day we won’t think it unusual.

Love & Peace

the only thing that made me feel like it was my dad is the fact that the shadow occured after my prayer to God asking if i could get some sort of sign telling me that he was watching over me.
as far as seeing the shadow on the door..there was nothing that i detected or reminded me of only pictures that i have seen of him.
the shadow showed up shortly after i asked for confomation. i simply accepted as my dad, could it have been something else?
the light disapated after i saw the shadow on the door.
i’m continually having strange things that happen to me. just about a week ago i was in my bed going to sleep and i felt a young girl about 12 or 13 yrs. old walked up to me at the side of my bed and said,”it’s really quite here.” in some way i agreed with her. then i felt her walk down to the foot of my bed and crawed up my bed and laid down beside me. i had no fear.
i can’t understand why all these things are happening to me at such a late age. ever since my mama and sister (whom i loved very much) passed i started looking into the afterlife. it just seemed that things started opening for me or i opened myself up.
each day and night i ask God to surround me with his white protective light and His devine love. this way i feel safe from any harm.
thank you so much for you comments and is there anything you can add to help me understand this?

Hello again,

The shadow might have been another ghost, or it could have been your father. Go with your gut feeling and accept it as him, if it makes you happy. I prefer clearer confirmation myself .. but then I deal with very negative entities, not visiting ‘family’ .. though my dad did drop in yesterday, for a moment. No, we didn’t have a chat, I just said hi and got on with something in the kitchen .. can’t remember what now. LOL

The next time a young girl ghost, or any other for that matter, climbs into bed with you, do this – “Archangel Michael, please find the ghost laying beside me (or standing beside me, or the one I just saw wherever you were .. ) and take it into healing”. Ghosts come to us for our energy. They can’t eat food anymore, but they can absorb the negative energy we give off from our bodies. It would be ok if they only took what we didn’t need, but they are inclined to try and grab a person and hang on and suck them dry. It’s not healthy for the living, and really, all ghosts (lost souls) should be in heaven, whatever form of heaven they believe in. They change profoundly there, let go of the pain and fear that binds them to the earth, and reconnects them to unlimited energy .. so they don’t need ours at all.

Yes, your curiousity helped to open up your senses, but also .. the world energy changed and you are not the only one opening up more to the greater reality than most people realise exists. It can be fun, it can be scary, but what we really have to remember is that ghosts are people too. Until they cross into heaven, they are exactly the same people they were before they died, good and bad attitudes and behaviours. They are not profoundly wise, they can’t see the future, and they are generally not ‘fun’ to talk to. And the longer they’ve been a ghost, the more difficult they get to manage .. which is why we help them cross over as quickly as we can.

You ask God to protect you, and inside your mind you create a shield, and that’s lovely. There’s a link at the bottom of this page to white light shields, which work the same way. If you go to that link, it leads to many other webpages that I have written on the subject of the paranormal. You might like to go and do some reading, and if you have any questions, you can ask them on this site, or through an email link on one of my pages. I am always happy to answer questions there, and here we have some other great people with lots of fascinating experiences to share. They should pop out of the woodwork soon. 🙂

Love & Peace

thank you so much, ama. i will most certainly look into
your information.
thanks, again,
love and light, anita

Ms. Anita,

Hello 🙂 .. If I may, I would like to share this experience with you… My mamaw… I have been wanting to get in touch with her for so lnog.. she was a second mother to me.. I was her living shadow… i slept with her up until I was a big girl of 11 or 12.. she loved me.. and I loved her so much.. she was a christain woman.. I would fall asleep listening to her pray for everyone … but, just recently.. my mamaw showed up from out of the blue.. I wasn’t thinking about her.. or anything.. but tears started coming down my cheeks.. and I knew she was somewhere near.. I looked into my kitchen and saw her as plain as day!.. My heart was so overcomed.. i broke down and started crying as hard as I have every cried and it wore me out physically.. but I had peace… I hope you find that peace Ms Anita,


This seemed to be a good place to ask my own question that no one seems to be able to answer and I can’t seem to get a reading on. This falls under unexplained things that happen. Seeing spirits I can handle, having visions that come true and even a NDE have happen to me. But this has happened to both my husband and I for over the last couple years and it really does sound nuts as I am writing this. And no its not because of a mental illness. But more and more whenever the TVs on and I say something either it mimics word for word what I just said or like it seems to actually answer my question at the moment. Sometimes it may even say the sentence exactly the same time I do. My husband has also experienced this weird phenomonon. If it is a spirit of some sort I dont feel any negative energy from it except its getting kind freaky and its not localized to one area because its happened in other homes and motel rooms while traveling and we just moved hundreds of miles away and its still happening. Thanks for any advice or explanation

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