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Question About Smells

Why do I smell my grandmother and Uncle? It happens often when I am having a bad day, or if I’m very depressed. No one in our house smokes and we have no near neighbors. Even my 6 year old has smelled the smoke.

My daughter also has been pointing and “talking” to something that I can not see lately. And today I think she called granny. It almost made me cry.

By the way, I lost granny and my uncle within 9 months of each other in 2012.

Thank you for any answers.

Asked by Genie Carter

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Hi Genie,

Under the circumstances, the first thing I would do is recommend you clear your home using the Michael Invocation that you’ll find at the bottom of this webpage. I write this because you wrote that you usually smell your family members when you are sad .. and it could be that they are making you feel sad, rather than you feeling sad because of depression or because you are missing them. If they are spirits, who have crossed into heaven, then after you do the Invocation your daughter is going to keep seeing her granny, and you’ll keep smelling the smoke, but if they are ghosts, they both need to be in healing, and that is going to make you feel better .. because they won’t be sharing their sorrow with you when they are around. So do that first please .. you’ll be giving them a huge gift and showing how much you love them both by doing so.

And then .. when your daughter says ‘granny’ is here, just smile, say hello .. and tell her anything you want her to know. It’s the same with your uncle, they love you. They haven’t stopped loving you just because they died .. in fact they love you even more – and they are doing what our family members do, once they cross over, keeping an eye on all of us.

Love & Peace

Hi Ritesh,

If it is about smells, you can ask it here. Otherwise, at the top of this webpage is a black banner bar. On the bar is “Submit a Question”. Click that link, fill in your details and ask your question. The owner of the site will receive it and release it to me .. he tends to do this in batches, so it might take a day or too. After that it is up to anyone who reads the site to make their comments.

Love & Peace

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