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Is My Sister Here ?

Is my sister still with me? She is deceased last year just wondering.

Asked by Kim

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Hi Kim,

It would be better if you went and made an appointment with a reliable medium and asked them to help you contact your sister, so that you can know for certain she is still around.

In the meantime, are you dreaming of her, and if so, what is happening in the dreams? Do you feel cold chills or get a sense of warmth when you think of her?

When we die we don’t just vanish. All being well we cross into heaven and become spirits, and then we can visit our families whenever we want to. We keep an eye on them, but we also have to spend time in ‘healing’, particularly if we’ve had a hard life .. so we don’t ‘visit’ often, just to remind folk that we are just fine now. So yes, your sister will be around, wanting you to find peace and healing, but she’s not supposed to stay long, and you are supposed to allow yourself to grieve and then move on in life. You’ll see her again when its your time to cross.

Love & Peace

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