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Question About Burial Customs

Why did people used to bury their dead children (infants) inside the walls of their home?

Asked by Wanda

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Hello Wanda,

Children in walls, living humans entombed in walls too. Ancient cultures had different beliefs. I have read that that some ancient cultures sacrificed living people and then buried their bodies inside the walls of buildings, and under the floors, so that the spirit of those people would strengthen the walls/buildings by being there.

Sometimes people murdered and hid unwanted, or illegitimate, children by entombing them in walls or burying them under the floors of cellars. That still happens to children and adults today.

History also speaks of the living, who, as a punishment, or for some other sinister reason, were locked away in hidden rooms, or entombed in walls, brick by brick, because they were inconvenient, or a threat to someone in power at the time.

And then there were the accidents, like children exploring their ‘homes’ and falling down inside a wall (since having two walls built with a gap between them helped to insulate a house from heat or cold) and not being able to get out again. They might have died in the fall, not have been able to be rescued, or simply not been found.

Human nature can be truly loving or truly appalling. We can’t know the exact reason ‘why’ someone was buried that way, but we can give their remains a loving burial once they are found.

Love & Peace

Thanks Ama. I have just been appalled every time I see this was done. I do realize that those with ill intent would do this type thing and still do but I was just floored when watching and reading one ghost story after another to find out that the present occupants of a home or building would find the body of an infant or their clothes or toys in the walls. I just couldn’t (and still can’t actually) wrap my brain around why someone would want to do that and then still live in the home. YIKES!!!!

Hi Wanda,

Clothes, shoes and other items are not unusual, and often don’t have a sinister reason behind them. When we moved into this house, over 50 years old, which was built by the family we bought it from, inside the bathroom wall we found 3 sets of shoes, 2 were plastic kids sandals and 1 was a women’s slipper, an old fashioned flyspray squirter .. quite a number of metal bottle caps (beer bottles), and some old fashioned recipe cards and CWA (Country Women’s Association) notices. I thought of it more as a time capsule, which people today also create. 🙂 So clothes and toys could simply be there as a memorial to a child lost through illness.

Love & Peace

Sorry for the randomness but im kind of in need for some answers.
Ama, I think im going through a transition, a spiritual transition.
Ive been talking to my angels more then ever for awhile now and they give me responses by channeling them through me. For example, I often sing them songs from the heart about my appreciation for them and out of no where, towards the end of a song I cry. Do they like my songs and is this unexpected sensation a response from them?
Im also experiencing extra sensitivity. I can feel instant sadness when im near someone who has been through seriously tough stuff. I met my dads friend who hasnt seem me since I was a baby and as soon as I seem him I felt like crying. I had this deep sympathetic feeling towards him and I felt as though he’d been through something horrible. Only to find out later that he’d been in a near death experience. He had such a beautiful vibe to him though, I just wanted to hug him and tell him he’s beautiful.
I feel alot of emotions when im near people and its over whelming. It causes hot flushes and I dont know why. How do I shield myself?

Hello angel,

The last question is first to be answered .. scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link to white light shields and learn them and use them, they will help. They are very simple and very effective, and use all three, particularly if you feel you are oversensitive once in a while.

The songs of appreciation, of heaven, the ones that come from our hearts, I sing them too. And yes, sometimes they end in sorrow, because the angels can see humanity’s suffering, but they cannot interfere with our destiny. Even when we ask them to help with some experience, which is actually part of our chosen life plan, that hurts like hell at the time, they cannot interfere .. because the guidelines are very strict. We lay down the rules before we come into each lifetime, and they obey those rules laid down by our spiritual selves, not the lesser beings we are when in our human bodies. It’s complicated, but the Creator gave us free will, and the Creator, and the angels, honour that agreement to the letter.

And then there is the joy that wells up inside me, when I sing, and I can hear them singing too. As if the whole sound surrounds me and all of creation .. for this creation that we live within, that is so much greater than any of us can imagine, is a Song, all its harmonics and discords are part of the greater song that is “The Love Song of the Universe”.

That you can hear the music and let it flow through you, happy or sad, is a gift and a blessing. Sing loud, even if it only in your mind sometimes. Give back to that which gives so much to us.

The empathy you feel towards others is also a gift. Acknowledging that another is in pain reflects outwards from your heart, through your aura, and touches their auras and then their hearts. Even if you never tell them you know, some part of them knows that you do. BUT .. and this is important .. do NOT take on their sorrow as your own. Being able to sense another’s emotions is a gift (clairsentience), but being overwhelmed by it, and not being able to get rid of it, or separate your emotions from another’s(empathy) is not what is supposed to happen to us. Many people are controlled by others emotions, simply because they do not know that they can stop themselves from being a psychic sponge, and just sense emotion, let it pass over their aura/shield .. and still ‘know’ what they know, without drowning. Hence, shields are vital for these people until they work their way through the life lessons they have given themselves. Once on that path they are less likely to be vulnerable. And we all have life lessons.

Hot flushes .. your energy (solar plexus chakra) speeds up to help you communicate spirit to spirit .. (either that or its an early menopause symptom) and the increased speed of your energy creates heat .. think of a car engine, put your foot on the accelerator .. engine gets hotter .. our bodies are engines, in a sense. Do you know how to ground your excess energy, when that happens? Centre yourself between heaven and earth and give it all to the earth for her benefit, or for the benefit of anyone who walks over that spot and needs it .. or give it to your angels in a big bag, with permission to transform it into healing energy and give it to whomever they think needs it. If nothing else, both are good karma.

I don’t say ‘go outside and do this’, because you could be in a supermarket when it happens, and since it only takes a moment to actually do the whole process, you could go and stand in the freezer section (oh yes, I have done that) and let the cool air help to cool the outer ‘you’ while you gently release the other energy.

I hope that helps
Love & Peace

Thanks heaps ama. Helps alot.
For the past two nights I’ve been getting disturbed. I try not to get scared but sometimes ive very intimidating, I do call out to archangel michael and ask for his help and protection but the cool part is, that the past two nights this has happened ive seen what seems to be a ball shape of light shoot in from my balcony door, into my room and after that I felt immediately calm and drifted off to sleep.
Also ive noticed alot of flickering lights around me. And none of my watches ever work. Which sucks because I really like to wear them.

Lastnight I recall having a dream where I looked out a window and seen the ball of light come down and a huge wing starting to appear but then It disappeared quickly. And I got the sense that it was because I was with someone. I must say it was beautiful and super exciting. Ive had visitors in my dreams but never an angel. Well from what I can remember anyways.

You are welcome. I am glad I could help .. since you wrote both these messages, I’ll just answer in this one.

The sparklie lights, I am told, are angel lights, as are some orbs, but not all of them. It’s lovely that the angels are making their presence so much sensed now. It’s wonderful to be loved!

Love & Peace

Hi Anonymous,

I see fairies as sparks of light in different colors, sometimes even flashes of light. When I have asked my angels to appear in front of me, I have seen the same sparkly lights, except they looked and felt angelic. Just letting you know you are not alone with the lights! I see them almost daily.

Hi Ama,

You said:”but being overwhelmed by it, and not being able to get rid of it, or separate your emotions from another’s(empathy) is not what is supposed to happen to us”

How would someone get rid others emotions after they caught it?

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