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Knocking On My Bedroom Door

Hi there for the past 12 months I have heard 3 knocks on my bedroom door. It always happens between 4 and 5.30 am and wakes me.

It happens at least once a month and sometimes white or orange lights are seen a few hours before it happens. I have tried to find a logical reason ie drafts and such but I can find nothing.

Any thoughts..

Asked by Dawn

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All i know is that 3 knocks is supposed to represent the father, son, and holy spirit. Could be something bad mocking it. Poltergeist, things start off little like this. If it gets worse, call a priest.

Hi Dawn,

My first reaction would be to look up, see if someone was there, and then, if no one visible was there, ask them to come back during waking hours because I am too tired to deal with them at that hour in the morning.

You say the lights are only there occasionally? What do they do when they are there?

What is the weather like when this happens? Always the same, or different?

Love & Peace