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Two years back, one ordinary day, I felt anxious, scared and depressed for no reason, I was restless. Few months later, I had one of the worst experiences when I got brutally negative remarks on my presentation. Cried all my way to home at 8pm. A year later, couple of days before a very important test, I had the same uneasy feeling & I cried. I thought probably it was exam stress. about 3 days before my exam I find out that I don’t have a proper ID card to appear in the exam and the money I paid could not be refunded. With that my dream to study abroad ended there. It was tragic. (of course it was carelessness on my part)

So after few more of these panicky random days, what I have learned is that whenever I have these days, sooner or later, I would have to go through something very bad. Its like a premonition. just few days back during my exams, I had a meltdown, thought it must be exam stress (though I rarely have exam meltdowns). So at the back of my mind I was cautious about something bad happening. My immediate thought was if I was going to spoil my exam the following day, but it went smooth. But little did I know that I would do my last exam paper so bad. I don’t want even to think about it 🙁

So, is it a premonition? and I should be thankful for such warnings? or is it something else?

Asked by Shreesa

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Hi Shreesa ..

If it is the same pattern of emotions each time, I would treat it as a premonition and investigate whatever thought first comes to mind after you feel it .. such as your ID card.

With me, if I feel those emotions, I look at the stresses in my life, and if I can’t pin down a reason to feel that way (like me doing it to myself) I then clear my energy, just in case someone else is feeling that way and trying to share it with me (ghosts).

Keep a diary. Next time you feel that way, recognise it could be a premonition, and write down ‘everything’ you are feeling .. whether you want to or not .. then do what you can to make sure everything is all right around you. Use it as a tool to keep your life in order. From that point of view it could be seen as a positive/helpful experience, even though its stressful at the time.

Love & Peace

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