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What Is Figure That Stands Outside Closet At Night?

A figure stands outside the closet at night, what is this?

Hello, I have never really used one of these sites before, but my boyfriend has an issue at hand, and we both want to know what this is and if we should be worried.

When he sleeps at night alone, he says around 3 in the morning, there is a figure that stands in the middle of the room, facing his closet. He just happens to wake up and sees this thing there. The way he describes it, it appears to be male, with a dark aura around the bottom half, but he can see the top half of it’s back. It’s pale, it has horns, its bald, and it has writing on it’s back of some sort.

If my boyfriend shuffles while its there, it turns his head, but my boyfriend just turns around so he doesn’t have to look at the face.

What’s really freaking him out is how it just stares at the closet, and the corner the closet is near is filled with this darkness that slowly spreads out.

My boyfriend has had weird experiences with his closet before, but this just started happening a month ago when his younger brother moved out of his room and he’s alone. It has been becoming more frequent as of late, and for now, he’s staying with me.

I realize this may sound out there, but I’m honestly just concerned for him and his family, if anyone has any idea what it might be, the help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Asked by Samantha

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Hello Samantha,

I wonder if the closet door is a door of another kind, the the elemental being standing waiting to go through it has to be patient while it opens?

What is the look on the being’s face when it turns towards your boyfriend, and what else happened with the cupboard .. ?

Love & Peace

Hi Samantha

That closet … is it made from, or has parts of it’s construction that has used old recycled wood?

The creature your boyfriend describes sounds something like a satyr (it’s ears would look like horns in the gloom), or a faun.

I’m kinda with Ama, it might be a ‘doorway’ to another dimension.

Maybe give that closet a good tidy up? Could be something in there that’s been forgotten about but needs dealing with?


Hey AJ,
He says all he knows is that its made of mahogany wood. It is quite cluttered though, so I’m gonna help him clean it out like you suggested. I’ll keep you both updated afterwards.
I was thinking about it being a door to another dimension too, but that thing just standing there freaked me out more than anything.

Hi Ama,
My boyfriend says he didn’t see the expression on it’s face. He would just turn around before it saw him looking. He was afraid to look.
As for previous events with the closet, it would just randomly slam open, sometimes it would slowly open… There was another time when he had woken up, and he forgot what made him take a look, but he went over to the closet to open it. He says he doesn’t remember anything after that, he just walked over to it and then woke up in his bed.
He also has a younger brother who has an imaginary friend named “Jim” who he plays with in the closet.

Hi again,

Jim could be a ghost or an angel. The cupboard could be taken outside, dismantled and burned, or you could use the Michael Invocation to clear your boyfriend’s home, and the cupboard, and that should settle things down.

Scroll to the bottom of this webpage and you’ll find it there.

Love & Peace

Its one of those wall closets, so i cant really take it outside, but ill definately try anything and post updates. I appreciate the help, thankyou.

Hi Samantha

Was this closet (the frame work and doors at least, if the rest is part of the integral part of the building) there prior to your boyfriend’s family moving into the house? Or, is it something that has been built or incorporated there during the time he’s lived there?

If the latter, was the area where the closet now stands used for some other purpose prior to becoming a closet space?

The closet must be quite sizable if his younger brother played in there with “Jim”.

I wonder if “Jim” and the elemental you’ve destribed are the same being, rather than two seperate beings?

Intreging about that closet … please keep us informed.


Hey guys Sam again,
So we visited home this weekend and my boyfriend went home and observed the closet. Unfortunately i had no time to go help him clean it out but while he was scrounging around he did find something that triggered a memory.
So he found this pink teddy bear. Upon seeing it, he remembered his little brother once freaked out about the bear because the eyes were completely black. It normally has the white around the iris. This was a while ago i dont even know when.
So he put it to the test. He slept downstairs away from the closet, but he put the bear on a chair facing the closet, closet closed shut.
He goes downstairs and tries to go to sleep. Over the course of the night, he hears the closet door open from upstairs (its a sliding door, theres no other door in the house like that i believe thats how he knew) i have his text when it happened.
Next morning comes along he goes upstairs to check and the bear is back in the closet and the chair is faced the opposite way.
He says he gets an evil vibe from the room. This freaks me out because when my boyfriend gets a gut feeling or a vibe, hes usually right

I did send him the invocation and he used it but this happened afterwards.
Any advice?

Sam again,
Sorry for updating twice a night but i feel it is sort of an emergency post.
So im sleeping at my house and my boyfriend is sleeping at his. We were texting while i was writing up that last post, said goodnight around 1040-1100pm. I fall asleep, 1140 i get a phone call from him and hes freaking out. I asked what happened and where he was and he said that apparently his little brother had brought down that bear to the living room where he was sleeping and my boyfriend didnt know.
He said it was facing him and there was a black claw or something reaching for his chest and he woke up and flew upstairs and locked himself in his bathroom. He called me from there.
After that he told me he was going to sleep in the bathroom after refusing to leave the house, but i convinced him to get to his older brothers room. Onve he went in, he said he felt safe in there. The little brother is in there too. My boyfriend should be sleeping now.
I would really like some advice i do not think
this is a thing to handle ourselves i fear the worst.


Hi Samantha,

Sometimes a nightmare is just a nightmare, particularly if people like watching horror movies .. but sometimes the house needs a little more work.

Scroll to the bottom of this webpage, click on the link to Sacred Gates, Ama Nazra .. that’s me .. email me privately with your boyfriend’s house address and I will clear the house myself.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama,
Don’t you think Samantha’s boy friend’s house is haunted by very bad spirit. May be they should do some back ground research about the house.

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