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Odd Things Occurring In Old Duplex

We have lived in our apartment for 2 years (duplex built in 1850) and some odd things have happened.

I recently found my stepsons winter hat in the middle of the hallway. The hat was in a drawer in his room and no one had been in the room for over a week and the door had been closed. Then today, while cleaning, I noticed that the range hood had something all over it. When I wiped it off, I realized that it was covered in an even layer of cinnamon! I have no explanation for this. And it was only on the hood, no where else.

I usually dont believe in paranormal stuff, but these two events have no explanation. Is there any significance to this?

Asked by Roberta

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The only other thing that happened was the ceiling tiles jumping. That i could possibly attribute to the wind although the wind never caused that to happen any other time. Also, for some reason i feel very uncomfortable being in my stepsons bedroom at night time when im home alone. I cant explain it, i just get an eerie feeling and need to get out. I have felt that way since we moved in. Sometimes i feel like im not alone in the house and my 2 dogs usually seem uneasy whenever i am. Lastly, my mom passed almost 2 years ago and that night i swear she kissed me goodnight. I cant explain it. Does any of this mean anything?

Your mother kissing you goodbye is lovely and not unusual. I doubt she’s come back 2 years later to interfere with the ceiling. You might have another ghost in the house .. and in that case I recommend you clear your home’s energy through one of three ways – 1) you could ask your local minister to bless the house
2) you could ask a medium to come in and talk to whomever is there is cross them over into heaven, or
3) you can scroll to the bottom of the page and use the Michael Invocation to clear the house, and then yourself. The instructions are on the page.

And when your mother comes to mind, remember good things, and that she’ll love you forever, that’s what they do.

Love & Peace

Hi Roberta,
When I was reading your experience, I had goosebumps all over my head.
I was wondering did you follow Ama’s instructions and if you did may I ask what happened?

To be honest, i haven’t done anything because the house has been quiet with no disturbances since my last post.

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