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Why Do I Feel So Intrigued With A Family Member I Never Met?

I have an Aunt who passed away about 3-4 years before I was born. Since I was a little girl, like 4 or 5, I have been intrigued with her so much. Kinda drawn to her and it has almost consumed my life. I went as far as getting her coroner report and police report.

At times I will be doing anything from household chores, driving, shopping, or anything normal people do, and I kinda freeze and day dream but I cant remember of what but I remember it was of her.

Why am I so drawn to her? Why at times do I feel like when I go somewhere that she was there before? Sometimes it makes me feel crazy.

If you can help me figure this out so I can make sense of it all I would greatly appreciate it.

Asked by min hall

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It is was actually ruled as carbon monoxide, she was found in her car with her boyfriend dead. They said the exhaust system was bad….however the windows were down. My family has always said that she was murdered because 2 weeks before her death she received a threating letter in the mail from a man who was infactuated with her. They were both naked and no marks on their body but she had blood and skin under her nails… I honestly dont know the truth of her death.

Do you ever have nightmares about a situation like that one? Carbon Monoxide poisoning causes the skin to go very discoloured, so its often easy to pick. If you are her, then the sense of deja vu will stop once you pass the age she died .. and carry on with the lessons you are learning in your life.

Love & Peace

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