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My Dogs Spirit Or A Dream?

Hi last week I took my dear beautiful dog to the vet only to be told he needed to be put to sleep, I came home so upset couldn’t wait to get through the door to cry, as I fumbled for my keys I noticed my front door was shaking and the net curtain was moving on the door, I stared at it doing this for a good half minute.

The next day I took my dog to be put to sleep, the grief has hit me very hard, I decided to have him cremated, and got his ashes back yesterday and sobbed but felt happy he was home, but last night I don’t know whether I was dreaming or not but felt my hair being pulled but not hard just gently enough to pull my head back and it didn’t hurt, then felt like something sat on the bed.

Am I suffering really bad grief and dreamed this or did it really happen?

Asked by Sandra

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Its possible. I lost a dog a while back from an illness and sometimes I can still feel her on the bed. Losing a pet sometimes is like losing a member of the family. It makes a person wonder, will one have loved pets in the afterlife?

Sandra, I felt the hurt and loss you must be going through. I too had to have some of my pets put to sleep in their old age and illnesses.
I really believe our pets have spirits and sometimes they stick around for awhile or come to visit.
I hope your hurt eases and you start having pleasant memories. 🙂


Hi Sandra,

I have a list. There was Gus, the dog who adopted me, who used to sleep with his head on my foot, under the desk or when I was sitting in the lounge room. Three weeks after he went to the Rainbow Fields (lovely name for the animals’ heaven) he was still sleeping on my foot under the desk, and snoring just as loudly. My husband would comment on it each time.

Then there was Meg, the old grey cat, who strolled across the kitchen floor one day .. a couple of weeks after she died .. watched by myself and Gus, then still alive. (They both were put down very close to each other, which still hurts years later.) Gus and I glanced at each other, to see if we both saw her, then back at her, and she disappeared up the hall. 🙂

Then there’s Cinnamon, a lovely old man cat, who used to headbutt me for Reiki when he wasn’t feeling well. He was 18 when he crossed, had been my son’s cat since Matt was two. Cinnamon curled up behind my knees, in a closed room, the following night and purred us both back to sleep. I did turn on the light to check if I was crackers, but he still kept purring ..

And there was Tolly cat who yelled loudly, even though he was invisible, and both my mother and I rushed out the door hoping he’d come home alive .. and Lucy cat, who said goodbye before she left, and then haunted two Healing Centres, one after another, much to the bemusement of the many visitors. Bailey, my only other dog, I swear came back as Lily cat, but she didn’t haunt. I figure she needed a break after two lifetimes in a row.

So yes, it’s entirely possible your beautiful dog was telling you that he’s just fine now, and if you let it, the hurt will ease .. just think of him madly chasing butterflies and bunnies and playing with other dogs on the Rainbow Fields. Or better yet, he’ll be watching the bunnies chasing Gus .. he never wanted to take one on after he headbutted one by mistake one day. 🙂 But that’s another story.

Love & Peace