Sleep Paralysis

Waking Up And Seeing A Black Hole In Front Of You

Good day, I have always had the problem of out of body experience since a child. It went away for a long time. For the last 3 years its been back a lot.

One night I woke up frozen and very scared. I tried touching my husband or screaming him to wake up. Behind me a could feel something very bad, it felt scary and not right. I moved my head slowly to the side and like I always do I say in Jesus name I ask you to leave. On the corner of my eye I could see this black hole moving around. It went all away after I asked it to in Jesus name.

Then the 1 night a few nights later, I felt a small hand touching mine. It didn’t feel like a dream but real.

Now I’m scared to leave any part of my body out of a blanket when I sleep and a battle to fall a sleep scared that something will happen again. All this always happens in the early hours of the morning.

This isn’t a make up story but all true. What does all this mean

Asked by margret

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Hi Margret,

Oh yes, its definitely real. Been there and one that.

To start with, you experienced sleep paralysis. That is usually when the mind wakes up before the body does. You can’t breathe or move and it feels like there’s something nasty in the room with you .. but actually, not usually. What has happened is that your spirit has just returned from astral travelling, while your body rested, and the two parts of you are not quite connected yet. Your spirit has a much higher, faster, energy than your body, so you feel like you are in a blind panic. The astral travelling is normal. The higher energy that feels like panic is normal .. once you slow down as you connect back together, it fades away .. only by that stage we are actually frightened by our physical reaction, which means the anxiety feeling continues.

The black hole .. what did it look like? A spinning vortex, a person, a blob of energy? It might simply be a ghost that doesn’t want anyone to see it.

The hand that touched yours, was probably a child ghost. They know when we can sense them, and they want to be recognised or remembered, or even just noticed. They don’t usually mean to scare us, but, because our energy speeds up (tummy region .. butterlies or sheer panic) we tend to go into fear first, and want to get away. If I am woken from sleep by a ghost I do exactly the same, and have to spend a couple of minutes calming my energy down (huffing is good) enough so that I can have the conversation these lost souls need and want when they are seeking help.

So .. next time you have that happen ask Jesus to “FIND whomever touched your hand, or hair, or whatever, and TAKE the being into Healing”. Be quite specific. He won’t do the work personally, we have Michael guardian angels for that, but you will set a ghost free ..

Or you can scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to White Light Shields and learn them and use them and keep the ghosts out of the house. Then you won’t have to worry about leaving bits of you out from under the covers. As a kid I knew better than to cover my face, I never knew who (ghost) would be waiting to say ‘hi’ the minute I uncovered.

Love & Peace

The black hole was more a spinning vortex. It spinned around. It felt wrong and bad. Felt like it wanted to pull me in or for me to go in. Thank you for your answer. It all makes sense now. Do you knwo waht the hole was

I am a 45 year old female and since a child I have been having the sinking feeling when I sleep on and off. Never took it too seriously.
But off late for the past 2 years whenever I fall asleep I feel my body is sinking and I wake up suddenly only to see a black hole in front of me..if i am lying on my back the black hole would be on the ceiling..if i am lying on my side it would be on the wall beside me.
Its about the size of grapefruit and at times it appears as if its made of black usually closes up within 5 seconds.

I do get sleep paralysis sometimes but this black hole stuff happens when I am falling asleep and at times it happens so often that I find it stressful to get proper sleep.

I have read up about this and since I am doctor myself I do understand the mechanics of sleep and hyponogaugic hallucinations often seen during the early phase of REM sleep but yet I am not fully satisfied with the explanation cos the black mist like hole I see seems to actually be hitting at my chest.When I wake up I can see it move from my chest right up to the ceiling or which ever side I am lying on.

This might go on for a few times a night and I start to feel pain in the chest at my sternum(breast bone) and the next day it would be tender and takes a day or 2 for the pain to go off.

This black mist hole stuff seems as if it wants to enter y chest but gets hit away and I start to sink and I wake up.

Once I did not want to open my eyes to see what happens ..I felt sinking even more and felt pain at my chest and then the atmosphere around me changed.I felt colder as if the AC was blowing on my face and I felt the air more dense.

I have seen doctors too who tell me its hypnogaugic hallucinations but no one can explain why I feel pain at my chest when I feel the black mist hits my chest.

I am not fully convinced that medical science has all the answers therefore I would like to view this black hole problem from a different perspective.

I have noted that the black hole become stronger and last around longer when I am having my menses.

What could this black hole mist be?

Hi Billi,

Since the mist seems to be poking you, and certainly affecting the atmosphere around you, I will treat it as an entity and suggest that you both protect yourself (your energy and your body) and have it removed. To that end I suggest you scroll down this webpage to the White Light Shields and learn both and use them to protect you. You can create them ‘by decision’ if you feel you can’t visualise them. They work very effectively, something that has been tested by thousands of people over the past 18 years I’ve been on the internet talking about paranormal problems. If it is an entity, the shield will stop it touching your body, and stop it taking any energy from you.

Then .. the Michael Invocation, below, can be used to clear your home .. or you could have a minister from your local church come in and bless both you and the house. This is done to remove any attaching energy … There are some very odd entities on the astral planes that most people are not aware of. Some of them become aware of us .. they can be benign or a problem. If it is a problem, the Michael Invocation will remove it, as would a blessing of some kind.

Do both of these and then advise me how you are going .. you can email me directly from the link below.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Dear Ama,
Thank you for your reply.
I read the Micheal Invocation.By religion I am a Hindu but I have no problems reciting any prayers or invocation of any other belief becos the underlying spiritual fabric does not differ

But I do have a concern..that is the invocation does mention about discarding all things negative,demons,entities etc…but won’t focusing on negative entities in an invocation cause an indirect contemplation on negativity?

That is my only concern.

Would like your advise and opinion.


Good question, Billi, and I understand your concern.

The Michael Invocation is a momentary request for healing to the angels .. which I believe are seen as devas in your religion. You do not focus on what the negativity specifically is around you, instead just say the words and then release your attention from the situation, in trust that your request will be answered. Then I suggest that people do something physical and cleansing, like have a bath or shower, or clean the house, or go for a walk in the fresh air and think about the good in your life. Gratitude is a wonderful tool for healing – much nicer to focus on that. 🙂

Love & Peace

Thank you Ama,

I need to take some steps to subdue this entity cos last night I really had a bad episode till my chest started to hurt badly and that leads to my heart getting irregular beats the next day.(I have got all medical tests done and no reason can be found for my chest pain and irregular beats that happen after these “attacks”)

I feel totally zapped of energy when this “attacks” happen and every bone and muscle hurts and I feel very moody after that.

Thanks for guidance..I will swing into action as soon as possible.


Hello again, Billi,

At the bottom of this webpage is a link to my personal site .. from there you can send me an email and we can talk privately. I might be able to help clear your energy, if you would like to contact me.

Love & Peace

Hi Guys, i have been getting all of what your saying but for the last month i have been waking up to what looks like a small black hole always in front of me. At first i thought it was just my eyes and then i thought it was me dreaming. Well i just see it clearly for a few seconds and confirmed for my self that i am not seeing things and it is actually there. If you would like to discuss this with me please let me know, it would be nice to here your experience to see if we have anything in common.I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards

Hi Ama, its a back hole that seems to start off at around the size of an apple. It’s really dark and almost looks like some form of vortex or gateway. Its seems to me like a gateway in to my room maybe some for of doorway for spirit beings, or it could be used to envelope me and transport me somewhere maybe, im not sure, i have also seen it shape shifting. It seems to happen around 3am when demands are most active. I am a christian and have been under satanic attack for a while now, so nothing surprises me. I am normally awoken by changing room temperatures both hot and cold, irritation, and sleep paralysis, and what i call shadow people flying around the room. Normally when i wakeup i rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ and then they all seem to scatter. The scriptures have most of the answers your looking for, the message is directly from God himself not man made ideas. If anyone would like to speak or share experiences i would love to here your.

Best Regards

Daniel Brown

Hey Ama!! What’s with all these “Black holes” and/or “Dark portals” cropping up as of late?! There is another question on here about that that I just answered. What is going on?! What is happening?! Your opinions?! Are the veils between worlds thinning or lifting?!

Hello Dan Brown,
I don’t know much about black holes but I d have some understanding and experience with portals. There is another question on here, similar but not quite the same as yours that would be worth delving into as well, as she is looking for those who have had similar experiences. As I told her, I do not know too much about black holes but am willing to do a bit of research and bring it back for both of you!!!!

Please email me ur reply. I lost my little boy. I am not good with it. I saw a black hole in my ceiling n could not breathe. I had to force myself to take a very strong, deep breath or I feel I would have died n gone thru the hole. Was this my little boy calling for me? Or the devil because of the hole being black. Could I have really died?

Hello Cindee,

I am so very sorry for your loss. I have a son in heaven too.

When did you see the black hole? Were you awake or dreaming? Were you half asleep? Vortexes and gates are quite normal, and spirits use them to travel between our plain and others. Your spirit might have felt drawn in, but your spirit is attached to your body by a silver cord which will not dissolve until you die, so you do not have to worry about dying inside the vortex if you were drawn in while sleeping. So no, I do not believe it was your son calling you, nor the devil, because black is only an absence of colour, it is not evil.

Love & Peace