Shadow Man, What Do You Want?

When I first turned sixteen I developed Insomnia. Well, I don’t know if you can “develop” it, but I started having bad episodes. Sometimes I stayed up till 4 am, having to get ready for school at 5, or I’d stay up for four days strait. My body would be exhausted, but my mind would be like an automatic treadmill, never stopping. At first, it was simple reasons I couldn’t sleep. I’d keep thinking about a test I had coming up, or something that someone had said to me at least two weeks ago.

Eventually I had to take sleeping medication to sleep, and it worked. I was all caught up on my sleepless nights and I felt terrific.

Down the road, my sleeping got a little too good, and I’d never want to wake up. But it’s not because I was depressed or just simply always tired, it’s because something entirely different.

Around the end of the age 16, a little after I had turned 17, I had begin having episodes of ‘out of body experiences’. I’d always wake up in my room, and stare at my body while it slept. The only weird thing is, it was almost like sleep paralysis- except I was standing up, starring at my body, unable to move.

One night, when I was sleeping, it happened again and this time, it felt different. I felt terrified.

I knew something was in the room with me, watching me. I don’t know how, I could just feel it. So while I was standing up, starring at my sleeping form, I had turned my head the best I could and then… I saw him.

All I could make out is that it was a man. He was in the shadows of the corner of my room, next to my closet, but I knew it was a man for some reason.

The first time I saw him, I was too terrified to try and speak. So I didn’t.

He’d visit every night, just starring at me. He’d never move or speak.

It had gotten so bad that even before I went to bed, I could feel him in there with me, waiting for me to go to sleep. I’d do anything back then not to fall asleep, but as soon as I’d walk into the room, I’d get extremely drowsy and almost immediately go to sleep.

After this happened for many nights of me watching, terrified, of this strange being in my room, I had finally tried to talk to him.

I remember asking him, quiet clearly, “What do you want?”

After the question had left my lips, I knew something was going to happen,and damn,I was basically pissing myself already.

The Shadow Man had turned his head slowly towards me, as if purposely trying to terrify me, and stared at me. For once, he didn’t stare at my body that slept peacefully on the bed, no, he stared right at me, the one standing up and had been watching him for many nights before.

I felt as if my soul was slowly leaving my body at that moment as I awaited a reply. He eventually gave me one- but not with words.

He turned his head back towards my sleeping body and slowly lifted his hand before he stuck out his index finger, pointing towards me.

As soon as it happened, I jolted awake and I was beyond terrified. I ran from my room and into the bathroom with a small blanket and locked the door. I slept in my bath-tub with the light on, refusing to return to my room.

I’ve only seen him once since that night happened. Only once.

I was due for surgery on a cyst that I had gotten a while back, and they were putting me to sleep. I remember while I was out, being next to my body while they were preforming surgery. I wasn’t starring at my body, though.

He was there, in another corner, watching me. He didn’t say or do anything, he just stood there. I don’t know to this day why he came back, or why out of all places there, but since then I haven’t seen him or had another incident. I’ve let the memory of the Shadow Man slip from my mind.
To this day, I get scared every time I am alone in my room or when I’m about to go to bed, but nothing ever happens.

I don’t know if I’m crazy or it’s just some silly thing and my mind is playing with me, but all I know is it felt real, and every time I’m in my house, I know something is watching me, waiting for me.

But for exactly what, I have no idea.

Asked by Passion

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Hello Passion,

I wonder if your watcher was just there to take care of you while you were ill. Perhaps the pointing at your body was a message to ‘get back in it’ .. for reasons of his own, that might have nothing to do with being harmful, but just protective.

I know its freaky when things like this happen, but if he meant you any harm I doubt he’d be standing in the corner just ‘watching’. Many of our spirit guides and angels do things like that .. just watch. They are not allowed to interfere in our lives, except subtly giving us ideas to consider if we don’t directly ask for help.

If you ever see him again ask him “Do you come in the name of Jesus Christ?” If he does he’ll reply something like “Yes, I come in the name of Jesus Christ” .. you don’t have to be Christian for this to work .. if not quietly tell him to leave.

Don’t spend the rest of your life scaring yourself because of this event. It might never happen again. Perhaps it will help to wrap white light shields around your home and yourself .. if you scroll down you’ll find a link to them at the bottom of this webpage.

Love & Peace

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