Life Before Life?

I vividly remember an occurrence on a soap opera (and everyone knows they don’t do re-runs) when I was very, very young… watching it with my mother and seeing the conclusion the next episode. I had even talked about that with my mom a few times through the years when we would be discussing the show.

Well, when looking at websites about the show, it turns out that what I saw happened three years before I was born. I know they’ll do flashbacks on those shows from time to time, but as I said, this is a very vivid memory. It was one of those cliffhanger Friday episodes.

So, what happened? I’ve never really delved into the ideas of reincarnation or the soul choosing the life path before birth, but I am curious about this. Was I checking out my mom before she was my mom?

Asked by Renirc

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Hi Renirc

(I’m assuming you’re American here??? Apologies, if not!)

Here in the UK, soaps are re-run at an alarming rate – mainly on a channel called; Dave. Soaps, particularly (but not exclusively) short-lived ones, that are over 30 years old can be repeated.

So my first question would be – was the soap in question still being made at the point you and your mum discussed it, and was it still scoring high in the ratings at that point?

Multiple channels are relatively new here in the UK – 20 years ago we only had 5 – lol! Is there any possibility that a tv channel like UK’s Dave existed in US when you were a nipper?? Are there any sites where you can check out any ‘re-runs’ of shows like that one?

The one thing that kinda puts a questionmark on the ‘before life’ thing for me at the moment, is …… if you’ve discussed the episode in question with your mum, wouldn’t she have realised that this particular episode was shown way before you were born, let alone before you could remember the contents of it????

Personally, I would eliminate all probable non-supernatural explanations first and then PANIC, should no plausable explanation be obtained. loL!


Hi Renirc,

I’m with AJ on this one. I don’t think there’s a paranormal explanation to the memory. I think its all in your mind .. in other words, memory is a funny thing. Unless we have a brain injury, and often even then, we remember everything we have seen, heard, felt, smelt, touched etc in our lives, we just don’t access the memories until something triggers then. It is highly likely that you watched repeat of the soap opera at a very early age, but your mind has changed the ‘when’ of when you saw it to an earlier time again.

Three years is way too soon to be reincarnated. It does happen, but not often. If you had died just after seeing the show, you might bring it through as a memory, but since we only bring things into the next lifetime, that are vitally important to this one .. what was on the show that you really remember? Or do you think you remember it now to prove reincarnation is real?

And then there is ‘were you a spirit sitting in the room with your mum at the time the first episode was on’ .. was ‘she’ pregant at the time?

Love & Peace

Love & Peace

Yes, I am American and this was in the 70s, and we only had two channels then ourselves. I’m not trying to prove reincarnation at all. It’s just a memory I’ve carried with me for decades, and when I saw that that event had happened three years prior to my birth, it was totally confusing. I was just curious as to how that happened. I suppose I’m not going to figure this one out! LOl. Thanks 🙂