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Why Would Elementals ‘See’ A Person’s Energy In Dragon Form?

I know someone who works with natural daemons, both in our dimension as well as on the astral planes during meditation etc.

Whenever this person is working โ€˜in spiritโ€™ with natural daemons, they always turn into a dragon. This person does not do it consciously, and has even deliberately tried to resist changing their human appearance but, nevertheless, they always – without exception – metamorphosis into a dragon when working with earth spirits.

This person tells me the elementals have say the change is because that is how the spirit is seen. Daemons recognize the person’s energy in that form and that is why the visual representation of the person’s energy is ‘turned’ into something that represents a dragon.

Does anyone know why this might be? Or have any theories as to why it happens? Is it the same as say, how we recognize something by familiarity because of what we know of them โ€“ ie angels appear differently to different people, dependent upon their beliefs etc.?

Asked by A.J. Ryder

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Hello AJ,

.. and then there are the folk that are actually elemental beings in human skins having a human lifetime .. that when they return to the astral plane, where they live, they revert to their true form – which in your friend’s case is a dragon.

If the elementals told your friend that is how they see his/her form .. then that’s their truth. A dragon is an air elemental, not earth. I’ve seen one in the orchard we used to live in, and my husband has had a conversation with one in the same orchard .. only that dragon was humanoid .. it just had dragon facial features.

When we are in spirit, in the astral, our true form shows through. There are no lies in heaven, and nowhere to hide what you truly are. The angels see each human as a rainbow, perhaps the answer is that the elements see your friend in a form that makes them feel the most comfortable, or that expresses most clearly, your friend’s true nature?

Back to me first paragraph .. ๐Ÿ™‚

Love & Peace

Thanks Ama – I’d kinda thought that was the most likely explanation. I’ll just tell her she’s an old dragon – lol!

So then, what came first – angels or dragons? Or, do they represent the same thing, but are on different astral planes? In other words; someone may well be seen as an ‘angel’ when working with god energy, but could they be seen as a ‘dragon’ when working with earth energy? Or are they totally seperate things?


Morning AJ,

Good question. I am having a ‘flow chart’ sort of morning LOL.

Angels were created before humanity. Humanity had a spiritual life before the physical one. The universe (planets etc) we live in was created after humanity was created … therefore dragonkind were created after the angels. They are not an angelic form and do not look like angels, nor act like them. And elementals belong to the specific planet they were created for, so dragonkind might be unique to our planet .. or not. We’ll have to wait and see

If we study mythology we learn that dragons are both light and dark, just like humans. They choose what they want to do, so they have free will.

Elementals were not given to humanity the ways the angels were, to have command over .. and they know it. We should respect them for their vital role of both planetary protector (dragons) and nurturers. Even humanity cannot exist without them, because one form of elemental, called ‘blind lives’ helps maintain our bodies. Without them we would be dead.

Without elementals nurturing our planet we would have nowhere to live out our physical lives, an experience that is vital to our spiritual evolution.

As you can see, elementals in any form, are incredibly important .. and dragonkind is just one of many we have yet to experience.

Love & Peace

Now that is interesting, Ama.

“Elementals were not given to humanity the ways the angels were, to have command over”

So, let me get this straight – angels/God effectively ‘govern’ over elementals too, simply because of the connection between them all, as well as the time scale. There are elementals in human form as well as angels in human form, and that is in addition to those that are 100% human, or those that are hybrid with some other life form, thus the latter are neither of neither elemental nor angelic lineage. Is that right? Did I understand what you were saying correctly?

If that is the case, and as all things are in heaven as on the earth, it is possible for angel hybrid’s, or human spirit to be ‘born’ in the elemental dimension as much as in our dimension.

I guess, what I am asking is; as the human in us is the part that connects God to the elementals, can a part of us have a foot in each camp?


God governs, has ultimate control .. only in that it created us. It does not interfere with anything it creates, so in a sense ceded governorship to us, if you believe the bible that says that humanity was told to ‘go forth, multiply and subdue the earth .. with dominion over every living thing’ (quick translation). I wish the man who wrote Genesis had written ‘earn the right to govern’, maybe then humanity would not be so quick to destroy everything.

There are elementals in human skins, fallen angels in human skins (the angels have to fall to be able to become human – that means they become the dark first (heaviest energy), and then human), aliens in human skins, 100% humans, and some people believe that animals can evolve into humans, but given that humans are more ‘animal’ than most animals, just look at our behaviours, I am not sure they’d want to.

Can humans be born into the angelic kingdom .. no. A human spirit is eternal, just as an angelic one is. They don’t cross over each other, nor change into each other. These bodies we wear are just coverings for each being’s spirit, like the car we climb into when we want to go for a drive .. or a tank .. if the need arises.

Can humans spend time as elemental beings .. put on skins the way elementals put on skins to become human? I don’t know. I’ve never heard of it, nor read of it, nor met anything like them in my wanderings. Somehow I don’t think so, because elementals are energy beings, they don’t have physical bodies, so there is nothing for the human to ‘put on’ to live in their society. I am sure we, as spirit beings, when we astral travel, can go among the elementals and share their experiences, if they allow us to .. but that is not being born among them.

The human in us does not connect God to the elementals. God is connected to everything, and everyone, individually. We are not some form of channel, or barrier, between any life form and our creator. Nor do we own this planet and its occupants. Humanity is just one of the many animals/beings here, with our without consciousness of our own personality.

Very interesting questions, AJ, thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Love & Peace

You are welcome, Ama – but you can thank my pagan chum for sparking off that discussion! LOL!

She is an angelic/human hybrid. She knows exactly what she is, where she came from and why she’s here. Yet, when working with the elementals, she goes ‘dragon’. She asked me why …. I didn’t know, other than maybe the elementals identify with ‘dragon’ rather than ‘angel’? So I came to a place where some light might be shed.

Thank you for your responses too. A great read.


LOL! She already knew her angelic lineage, but she’d disagree with you on the energy. I will have to try and get her to come on here – she is a very interesting person to discuss stuff like this with.


Hello again,
Something mystrious happened today,
I saw a man that looks exactly like my dead friend.
My friend Rally dead in a car crash on the first of october 2009. Then I saw this man that looks totally like him, he talks and walks like him, I even chatted him up tap him on the shoulder just to be sure that am not seeing a ghost.He seems to be the same age as him, the same voice and almost the same height. So that brings me to the question do we humans have our doubles? Or is it in my mind.

Hello Chinelo,

I once met myself on a street in Sydney. It gave the lady and I both a shock, and then we laughed and went our separate ways. We were very similar.

I once read that every person has a twin in the world, but I don’t think its true. Basically, it seems there are about five different face types/shapes, all sorts of shapes of eyes, noses, chins, cheekbones etc .. but not so many that every single person is different from everyone else. We have a planetary population of over seven billion, so people are going to be around that look similar to you, and me, and your friend – kind of like twins can look the same, or not. I wonder if you took a photo of the man you met and compared it with your friend’s photo, whether they would really be the same, or whether your mind just made them seem that way. I am not doubting your reaction and your feelings in the matter, but sometimes our minds will take shapes and make them ‘seem’ to be the same. It’s called matrixing .. and we all do it. I also wonder if the man you saw that day was not a relative of your friend, even a distant one .. that’s possible too.

But then, on a whole ‘another subject .. there are dopelgangers .. who usually look like us, and only appear when we are about to die .. only I’m 50 now and I met the other lady when I was about 20?

You can do a search and find out about doppelgangers on wikipedia. It’s a very interesting article.

Love & Peace