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Ant People And Abduction Dreams

I haven’t told anyone about this since it happened 38 years ago when I was 5 or 6. It involves a dream I had. Please understand, I am not a kook, or full of it. I will take polygraphs or whatever is necessary.

I dreamed that I was in an airport terminal walking down a hall with my parents. I ran ahead of them toward a smaller hallway which laid straight ahead. As I passed the windows looking out on the tarmac to the right, I saw flying craft that looked nothing like airplanes. Well, as soon as I entered the smaller hallway, a door to the right opened and I was snatched inside.

The next thing I know, I am strapped to a table or gurney and there are about 4 six foot tall “ant people” (the name I have given them since the night of the dream). There was like computer equipment, electronic things all over the room against the walls behind them. The ant people looked just like big ants that stood on their back legs.

Well, the next thing that happened, they placed this kind of bar in front of my eyes. On this bar was all kinds of flashing lights all colors of the rainbow. As the bar got closer to my eyes, I screamed for my mother and everything blacked out. The dream ended, or I don’t remember anything else.

Over the years since, I have become more and more disturbed by this dream after hearing about the Hopis Annunaki “Ant People”, stories of alien abduction and descriptions of alien medical practice or probing like in the book ‘Behold a Pale Horse’, even right down to the multicolored bar in my dream.

This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. What should I do? Is there anything I can do?

Most of my life, I refused to believe in UFO’s and such, but in years recent I have become more flexible in my thinking. Then about 3 weeks ago, I saw my first real UFOs. I saw 4 yellowish glowing orbs, or fireballs, side by side not far from where I live. They winked out one at a time from right to left. This was at approx. 8:30 pm in the evening. I saw them the very next night at the exact same time. I reported them to a UFO organization online.

I don’t think I am crazy or anything like that. I am 42 years old and am now living my life very well after a lifetime of mental/emotional troubles, crime and time in prison. I am now a college student doing very well. So, what do you think?

David Chappy

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Hi David

Well, I have to say, that does sound very similar to so many other stories from folk who claim to have been abducted.

So no, you’re not crazy.

Have you researched specialist sites for UFO’S or abductees? You may find there’s more folk out there who have experienced the same thing as you, than you first thought.


Hello David,

No, you are not a kook. I saw a UFO once too, far in the distance, when watching bats in the evening as they left the trees .. the UFO was miles passed them, but the friend pointed it out .. it was cigar shaped .. and shot straight up .. at a diagonal, at high speed, which no airplane or helicopter that I know of could do.

And then there was the Pleidian guide in spirit who came to visit me because her ‘sister’, who is having a human existence now, was coming to me for a reading ..

I am not a kook either, I just have really unusual experiences.

I’ve read your story, well, other people’s very similar versions of your story, many times before. Some things in our lives we cannot explain, and others we might never find answers to .. those are the things we have to accept about ourselves that other people judge as just plain weird, or that we are insane. You were borrowed by the aliens, and you were given back. So have been many thousands, maybe millions, of other people too. Some talk about it, some don’t. As AJ said, look up the event on the internet and you’ll find tons of stories, like yours, or with greys, reptilians, pleiadians (the nice folk) and others. We are not the only species in the universe, regardless of whether the scientists can prove life exists on other planets .. or not.

And aliens have been around us for 1000’s of years .. just look in the Bible .. there’s a spaceship described there.

Congratulations on pulling your life together. I have friends who have been through the same struggle, and they are wonderful .. now. 🙂

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra
(listed below under Friends)

Sorry Chappy….I don’t have much to add here on the case of UFOs….as I have yet to experience one. Plenty of people in my life have, so I do not doubt their existence, I just question their substance. What are they? Have I not seen one as a result of conscious filters? Or just not yet “right place, right time?”
But what I am here to comment on (and sorry to all my peeps on here who have read this exact sentiment on more then an infinite number of occassions), is “skepticism”.

My very oversimplified theory is: Folks experience a myriad of paranormal things (havent’ seen a ufo outside of a dream, but I have “seen” many other things in waking reality). So what makes them “paranormal”? I mean, I’m still not convinced I have the “normal” all worked out….it would be egotistical of me to think I can understand the entire constructs of reality based on what a bunch of smart scientists have to say about a given subject (ok, sometimes it’s good information…but still fragmented usually).

So the very short version: Please don’t ever feel the need to tell other humans that you are not crazy/a kook, etc. In point of fact, the “kooks” I have met in life have an uncanny level of perception….which eerily ends up being dead on. If someone ever calls me a kook, I’ll take it as a compliment. My wife already calls me insane, to which I openly agree.

I encourage you, very much, to understand your own experiences. Many folks in this reality will tell you that “because science hasn’t yet proven something, it is absolute hog-wash”. I find that to be laughable, yet sad.

Heck, I am an overly active lucid dreamer. I have mapped out an entire dream city in the last 8-9 years. Yet, 3 years of study into OBE/Astral Projection had paid 0 dividends…..until last night!!

For the first time ever, I truly experienced OBE. I was in hypnagogia, about to pass out, and I felt a vibration (a “HUMMMMMMM”) if you will. Then I saw car lights go by and park in front of the bay window outside our living room. At that point I bolted straight up in bed as I thought I was walking around the house (bedroom is at the other end of the pad)…..then I thought I was dreaming….then I realized I hadn’t actually fallen asleep yet.

Out of curiosity, I got up, opened the bedroom door, walked the 12 feet distance to the corner of the hallway….rounded the corner, then out to the bay window (aka, you can’t possibly see this window from the back of the house, unless you have x-ray vision). Sure enough….there was a car with it’s lights on, parked outside on the road, exactly in front of the window.
OBE…remote viewing….whatever it was, I experienced it. There is no amount of peer review ….nor is there enough calculation via the scientific process, that would tag this as anything but “delusional”.

Yet I experienced it. it happened….and there was proof to it.
Don’t really care who believes that. I’m just thrilled as &$%# that I finally experienced waking consciousness in an out of body state.

I will say that my propensity to dream lucidly has yeilded some very strange observations. One recurring one is a group of scientists constantly chasing me down to inject a drug intravenously, that makes me fall out of the dream state into complete void-like darkness. So even in dreams, scientists in lab coats tell me that I’m messed up psychologically, and need to relearn reality (sounds like the “Matrix” every time I say/write it). Seems to be something to this…but still working it out.

If you have experiences that make you think….beliefs, theories and ideas, I think you are well equiped for reality. If you think that you only follow “empirical fact” that science can back up…I think you are headed to a very structured and limited reality, of which you can’t change, can’t perceive from multiple angles…..and ultimately end up feeling so cornered that your only volition from that point is to “prove” that others are just insane if they don’t adhere to the “proofs” which have been set before you. (of course…only my opinion)

I remember being told in middle school, that in Columbus’ day, everyone thought the world was flat. That was in history books. I then questioned my teacher as to why Europeans would ever think the world was flat, when so many societies, centuries before, had used stars for navigation (I suspect the theory of a flat world also wouldn’t have helped the navigation of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria). Still, to this day, have no idea where the “world is flat” idea originated or why.

Question everything….trust your instincts….believe in your own experiences. That is my humble suggestion.

Fantastic post, Chappy!!!

Sorry…sorry…wow! I mean “David”.
So used to seeing “posted by” on sites that I passed up your first name completely.
Very sorry about that. Wasn’t intending to be rude on that account.

Thanks again for the post, David! Agnd once more, sorry for calling you by your last name, so informally, as I just did.

already been a long day! 🙁


Well, youre not alone ive experienced UFO’s and they just come at me and communicate with me XD it’s interesting but a loving thing XD
and i’ve had them defending me and telling me, hey no look the other way!

Many people experience them no one’s alone 😛 trust me!
As for the ant people, i don’t know what they are but there are aliens that are mantids i have gotten my fair share of signs and they seem friendly actually 😛 i found a mantis at the park after trying to relax and show them scary thoguhts about being crazy and evil aliens attacking me whos boss XD i just sang away at the park and i felt better, forgot about the aliens, and saw my first mantis which looked AMAZING just beautiful it had brown and green it looked like something i havent seen since i was little and i got a friendly feeling when i saw it 😛

The Pleiadians are very real im sure of it 😛 They are also friendly people and again i’m sure theyre already here on the planet, incarnated as humans from earth and even here from their form they are in in the Pleiadian areas 😛 I feel i know about the planets but i don’t know XD i’ll take a look later.

I had my own abduction type of thing go on and yes, i blacked out as well which is odd since my whole life i don’t do blackouts even in draems or astral projection stuff…i never do. Only with alien stuff.
I woke up with a triangle mark on my thumb that morning i was a small kid and it didn’t leave for 3 months it had a dot too next to it and one day it just vanished. That was cool, i was frightened, but then i found out it wasn’t that bad XD

Funny thing is in the dream, the grey alien was being chased by me…then i chased it..then we chased each other and we were like…what the heck are we doing XD
It looked just as confused as i was. XD It just said, ehh! ima leave this makes no sense XD It just left and i was like…woa…did it just give up? I’ve never heard of an alien story like that XD

But i did wake up wuith a mark, im sure theres somethign still under my thumb there 😛
But after that i still had UFO’s come out to me whenever i asked for them in my mind and they’d pop out. I’d rarely feel horrible vibes, only sometimes but that’s fine usually the horrible vibes left those ufo’s never stayed for long.

Honestly i feel there are more good guys than bad guys, that’s my opinion 🙂
There are some nasty aliens just like there are nasty ppl and groups on earth, but usually they never win XD
It’s never really like that, just don’t go looking for them and trust your gut. If you feel you’ve had an alien experience, you probably did. And if you saw a ufo, you probably did 😛
They have energy stuff in it i know it the ufo’s do a lot of stuff that’s like..zomg thats like in imagination land but no its real, them aliens can do a lot of stuff 😛

I’m sure us humans can do on earth but we don’t go out there and DO IT. XD it’ll happen though im sure many people are starting to get their butts up in gear and going out there to do stuff! 🙂
You’re not crazy. As for the answers to this, i’d maybe go to someone who has experienced more aliens and has spoken to people who know about them and has the facts a bit more down. There are people out there it’s fine 🙂 Like Ama, she gave a reading and had a Pleiadian lady speak to her and probably told her about her past lives there and how it is now and all that. That’s totally awesome! And trust me, therye not alone. There’s 7 billion earth humans on the planet, i don’t believe theyre all always incarnated from the earth and maybe many came from another place too 😛
Imagine all the other life traveling back and forth here and there and even out to outer space?
I’m sure ama has gotten other people before that have had information about aliens come up and she’s got some more information but again, some people keep quiet about that information or they just don’t know what to do with it.

It’s ok, not everyone will always know or be at that level of understanding it’s fine. You are not alone and you are not going to go on your life without being unloved or unprotected 😀 <33

Crazy but i actually lost my fears more about greys and turns out they weren't so bad for me…i actually realized why i was waking up refreshed and calm and sleepy each morning after a giant scare about grey aliens XD Tada! 🙂 it's not all that bad in the world, though the negative stuff is there but you don't have to go there.

Acknowledge it and move on 😛

Trust me i'm going through my mental problems too and emotional problems, and it's getting better and a lot of the stuff like alien stuff/spirit stuff/everything stuff i went whole life turned out true XD

So you're not crazy!

Honestly, to tell you the truth, it sounds crayz and you feel bad and like a loner but youre kinda normal XD