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Knocking And Whispers

I have been experiencing knocking on my bedroom door just about every night for two months now. My husband never hears it.

Also, one morning, my husband left our bedroom door open when he went to work and I was awakened by something whispering my name twice. I did not recognize the voice. It felt like someone was at the foot of my bed.

We have smudged the house and I have put holy water on the door and have sprinkled it on my side of the bed.

No one has passed away recently. We have lived in our home for 24 years now, so I’m thinking it can’t be someone who has lived here.

I say the Michael Invocation every night before I go to bed.

Can you please help me figure out what is happening?

Asked by Pat


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One reply on “Knocking And Whispers”

Hi Pat,

Did the visits continue after you used the Invocation? Did you use it to clear your home, but also to clear yourself and anyone else living there, because entities will attach themselves to people, not just buildings, so everything and everyone needs to be cleared.

As to who it was then .. unless you were dreaming about someone in particular, it might simply be a ghost that was passing through, who either liked you, or was drawn to your name, believing you were someone they knew. It does happen that we can pick up ghosts who ‘think’ we are someone familiar, although we never knew them when they were alive. It has to do with the type of energy we produce from our chakra and aura, some feel more familiar than others.

Love & Peace