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Just A Dream Or Is Someone Trying To Communicate With Me?

I had a dream the other night that there was a little girl sleeping in my bed and I was trying to tell her to get out of my bed. The next thing that happened, she was standing on the side of my bed and told me to be quiet because if I woke them up they would be mad. Then She put her hand over my mouth and nose and I couldn’t breath, so I woke up screaming.

My husband was in the bed at the time, but he wasn’t in the dream, but he was the one that had seen entities in our bedroom a few years back. One night three women and one night a woman and little girl. It happened after a storm and our house was damaged. We started having a lot of activity in the house. I started seeing misty images, but I never saw them fully formed. He said that they stayed on my side of the bed and when he tried to wake me up they just vanished. The first night it looked like three women in long flowing gowns and long hair. They kind of levitated next to my side of the bed. The next time it was a woman and a child. He thought it was a little girl with short hair.

I continued to see the misty images in my bedroom for awhile, but I asked them to leave and I didn’t see them anymore, but I still hear knocking noises and feel like something is touching my hair and a lot of static electricity in the room sometimes, but the dream I had the other night really scared me. I woke up screaming and I never do that.

Do you think that it was just a dream or is someone trying to communicate with me?

I have had dreams in the past that was about someone that had passed away, like my parents and a really good friend, but this latest dream scared the heck out of me.

Nancy Abbott

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Hello Nancy,

I wonder if the little girl who shared your bed was showing you how she died. That’s usually what is happening when ghosts come to visit me.

You did the right thing in asking the ghosts to be less obvious. I either cross them into heaven .. well, I always cross them into heaven, but if you don’t want to learn to do that, the next best thing is to tell them they are not welcome and ask them to leave. Some ghosts still have manners and will do so. Others .. you have to clear them out one way or another.

What else did your husband tell you about the three ladies .. could they have been some of your spirit guides?

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Ama, My husband [partner] actually we aren’t married, said that the three women in my room looked like they were sorting through bundles of clothing. One held up something like an old corsept like women wore in the 1890s. He said they looked like they might be from that era. That is why I thought maybe some graves had been disturbed somewhere during the storm.
We live in a Mobile Home on the Mojave Desert. It is now only twenty years old and there was only one person that owned it before me and they moved out and it was repossed by the Bank.
My former husband and I bought it. We never had any distubances or visits.He passed away 12 years ago.
My current partner never believed in ghosts and he use to laugh at me when I mentioned anything about them, so I never told him about the misty images I was seeing at night, after he was asleep. When he told me what he had seen, I was happy because I felt like I wasn’t seeing things and it was all in my mind.
Now he won’t even talk about it anymore, because a couple of his family members laughed at him when he told them about it.
I have been a believer for a long time, even though I hadn’t really seen any until these events started.
He also mentioned that when he saw the woman and little girl, they were sitting on my back while I was sleeping. It looked like the woman was communicating with the little girl and again when he called to me, they vanished. He said that they looked like they were from the 1890s era also.
I burnt sage and have told them to leave and the activity quieted down and I haven’t seen the misty images anymore. Just some nightly noises and I try to pass them off as the house settling at night and not let my imagination get carried away, but deep down I feel like there could be something still here.
The dream the other night, especially being a little girl really scared me, because I thought I couldn’t breath when she put her hand over my mouth and nose. I remembered what my partner had told me about a little girl and a woman and I wondered if they were coming back again through my dreams.

Nancy Abbott

Hello Nancy,

I wonder what was on your land before the trailer there was there? You said something about graves being disturbed .. is there a town? Ghosts used to be bound to the place where the events that trapped them happened. Sometimes they would simply appear to get on their lives. Nowadays they can go where they like, if they have an awareness of their environment.

I am wondering about your two different types of visitors .. the ladies with a bundle of clothing, the mother and daughter, both sound as if they are doing ‘inside’ activites .. so do you have the ruins of a house around your trailer, perhaps cornerposts in the ground, or an old chimney?

It’s frustrating when the men clam up. Your partner might not talk about things, but that doesn’t mean you can’t, when you notice something. Perhaps he’ll thaw out a bit if you tell him you’ll not discuss it with anyone but him?

Your child visitor .. I wonder if she was the same one your partner saw? I’d ask him anyway, if you haven’t already. You can tell him you’d like to know what she looked like, and then just leave the subject alone again.

People are becoming more sensitive to the unseen, and they to us. In a lot of ways this is a good thing, because we can clear more ghosts off the planet, but the stubborn folk are going to have to learn to not be so frightened, or silent, about what they are experiencing, when the ghosts decide they want help. Not all ghosts are friendly, or simply repeating what they experienced .. some can cause a great deal of trouble. And some, such as the child you met, will share with you how they died .. not to frighten you, but to get your sympathy, and often your help, if you are willing. Those of us who can sense things, in any way, have a duty to help the others when they need a hand .. and lost souls really do need a hand to find ‘Home’.

At the bottom of this webpage is an Invocation that I use to clear the energy of haunted houses and places. It’s called the Michael Invocation. Follow the link and read the page. The instructions are on there. You can use it to clear whomever is still haunting you. It won’t keep the house clear constantly, but its good for clearing that ‘haunted’ feeling that comes and goes.

Love & Peace

Ama, it was farm land.
Two brother bought the land and made it into two Mobile Home Parks. Adult and Family.
I have read stories about the History of this valley and they say that stage coaches use to go through here going north, before the train tracks were put in. I don’t know of any old cemetaries in this area, but I know people use to have their own private ones years ago on their own property. Years ago there was some homesteaders that settled here and tried to farm, but moved on during the ten year drought in the 1890s. We are mostly Desert land now, without a lot of rain and the farming has given way to home tracks and population. Sometimes we get some terrible wind storms like the one that damage my Mobile home.
I don’t know why they came here, but I read somewhere it isn’t good to try and comunicate with them, so I try not to.
Thanks for your replies.
I thought maybe our storm and high winds might have disturbed some old burial site from years ago

It could be people putting houses over their graves that disturb the ghosts too, Nancy. Then the ghosts might go hunting people that either look familiar, or feel familiar, or have ‘issues’ in common with them. Also Christians were taught that they had to lie in the ground ‘awaiting the second coming’ back in those days – some ghosts do. On a side note, I had a run-in with an angry aboriginal man in my home when I lived in Roxby Downs, which is sort of semi-desert South Australia. There were no houses there either, when the ‘town’ was created, by bringing in portable houses (two halves on a truck, join them back together when they are on site). It took me a while to convince him to cross over. It seems the corner of my loungeroom went right through his grave? Hmm.. he had been dead a very long time, or the workman hid the bones, because none were found on the site, that we know of, but they did kill a perfectly good tree, that they didn’t need to. I love trees. 🙁

If you talk to ghosts its a way of giving them permission to latch onto your energy, and sometimes they won’t let go. By giving them attention you are feeding them your energy .. which is why they try and scare people .. they love negative energy. It’s best not to, unless you know what you are doing, or you are wearing energy shields that don’t allow them to attach (they are listed below too .. white light shields). People shouldn’t put their lives on hold by becoming ghosts, but we do it when we are alive, so its nothing new.

I hope your home will feel more settled soon,
Love & Peace

Ama, also the little girl that my guy discribed had short hair,like in what we use to call a bob hair cut.
I asked him if it could have been a boy and he said he didn’t think so, because she was wearing a dress.
The little girl I saw in my dream had blond curly hair and when she got in my face she smelled like Vicks vapor rub and she got so close to my face and it looked like she didn’t have any eyes. that was when she put her hand over my mouth aqnd nose and told me to be quiet, because if they wake up, they are going to be mad. That is when I woke up screaming.

Nancy Abbott

Thanks for the extra information. It’s very sad when children become ghosts.

It was lovely that she was trying to protect you from whomever she was afraid of. I have to wonder if ‘they’ were the people who killed her .. or did she die of an illness, given she was wearing the Vicks. Interestingly, it appears that Vicks VapoRub was first invented around 1890 and named that in 1912. I looked it up on google.

Because she frightened you, I hope she doesn’t come back, but I hope she isn’t haunting as well. I hope she was just passing through.

Love & Peace