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Who’s Knocking On My Door?

Before I retired, I was working the night shift as a Peace Officer. I worked from 11pm to 7am. My routine was always to unwind after work by doing power walking and then go to sleep by 11am, up by 4pm, for about 3 hours and back to sleep again.

My brother was living with me at the time and always had a habit of knocking on my bedroom door to tell me something that could had waited until I got up.

This one particular night, I had laid down for my regular sleep about 7pm. Just as I got into a deep sleep, there was a loud banging on my bedroom.

I jumped out of bed ready to say some choice words to my brother. I opened the door and no one was there. I searched the entire house and found no one. That’s when I remembered that my brother told me earlier that he would be gone all evening and probably would not return until I left for work.

So who knocked on my door?

Since that incidence, my brother no longer lives with me and I’m married. So when it’s just my husband and I in the house ( I do have some visitors at times) we sleep with the door opened.

Asked by Delores

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If you and your brother are extremely close, maybe while he was out that night something happened and he had a big urge to let you know but couldn’t?

Hello Delores,

How often did your brother knock on your door? If it was every night, its entirely possible that your own mind created the knocking, because it had become something ‘normal’ and you would be sleeping expecting it to happen. If it had happened every time your brother was out, or again after your brother moved out, it might be something paranormal. You don’t say it continued after you married, but you do worry about it. Have you tried sleeping with your door shut when no on else is in the house apart from your husband, or when he’s not home, to see if it would happen again? Until then I wouldn’t be worrying about it. If it had been a ghost, the ghost might have just passed through, or it would give you other signs of its presence.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra
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