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Why Does It Bother Them And Not Me?

This is going to sound kinda silly, but my daughter and her boyfriend swear up and down that there is something in my room. My room never bothers them when I’m home, but does when I’m not.

I live in a two bedroom trailer. We live in a secluded trailer park out side a little town in Wyoming.

I can feel what they are talking about, but choose to not let it bother me.It watches me when I sleep. I don’t get a bad feeling from it. But it scares my daughter.

They also say that there is also a presence in the hall that I notice too, but that doesn’t bother me either. Why is that? Not that I want it to, but why?

Asked by Vickie

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Hi Vickie,

Simple answer .. you are not frightened of them. If you were frightened they would want you to feel that way all the time, so they would make their presence more ‘felt’. Does your daughter live with you or only visit? Her energy is great food for them. You, as head of the house, can boot the entities out of the trailer, your daughter probably couldn’t do this.

Given my experience with ghosts and others I recommend you clear your home, so that no one has to feel frightened there. Our homes are supposed to be our sanctuaries. We should feel safe there.

If you scroll to the end of this webpage you’ll find The Michael Invocation, which you can use to clear the energy of your home. The instructions are on the webpage, its very easy to use and very effective.

Ghosts are supposed to be in heaven, getting the healing they need after their lives are over .. not scaring your kids, or mine, or anyone else’s.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Yes my daughter and her boyeriend live wth me. I dont want to sound crazy, but I dont want to clear my house. Is that wrong? I dont ever feel alone in my home, even when everyones gone.

I do understand, Vickie, but let me play devil’s advocate.

Would you like to be trapped away from everyone that loves you, in a place that is full of darkness and fear, without joy or peace, and not be able to escape it? Ghosts are prisoners of their own choices, and they feed on the energy of the living, because they cannot access any other sort of energy. We have food and drink and the love of our friends, what do they have?

There is also the fact that if a house is haunted for a very long time it may fill up with other ghosts, or worse entities, particularly when the living are there interacting willingly with the dead. There are other beings in the spiritual planes who hate humans and love to wreck their lives. Having ghosts around willingly is a permanent invitation for entities like that to arrive too. Also you cannot guarantee that you will always have those same ghosts around, particularly if a stronger one comes in and takes over. These are invisible beings, and you have no control over them.

And then there is the fact that your daughter is frightened. Will you exchange her visits for the emptiness of not seeing her, just to keep your ghosts, if she decides she is too frightened to stay with you anymore?

It is far better, healthier, happier and safer, not to live in a haunted house.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra …. Demonologist.

Please can you email me. I would like to talk over the phone because the story is long. Please, I need help. I am always scared since we left Lexington Missouri. I had my priest bless my home but I know it is still watching. It ruined are life. I think it hates me to the extreme because I gave my friend the rosary from Majagoria to put in the slave quarters. Please contact me. I have been scared for many years from things I do not understand. I do not want to talk to my priest about this. Please contact me.


Faith Luttrell

Hi Faith,

I will be writing to you privately, so you can get my email address. I live in Australia. You are welcome to ring me, but email stories are often better, because things in writing can be read over and can cover a lot more information.

Love & Peace