Death and Life

Are There Such Things As Reapers?

Hey, just one of many thoughts that always intrigue me. Since there’s God and the devil with the paranormal then Death himself must be involved in a way.

I heard stories of people who witnessed a silhouette of a tall man in a cloak, sometimes with a scythe.

One thing is “Does death exist as an actual being and is there more just like him, like how there’s more than one angel or demon.”

Asked by Alex

General Questions

Is There Some Way I Can Connect With My Mamaw?

Hello, Ms. Ama, A.J. and Siddle and all others 🙂

Hope all are doing well… I have something that I wanted to ask about… it concerns my mamaw… She helped raise me… and her background as well as mine… as it usually goes… is Church of God… born and raised in it… any how… I lost her 3 years ago.

I was with her holding her hand when she passed over… but I didn’t go to her wake or funeral… I had my last moment with her and that is all I felt I needed. I never have been to her final resting place in body only I know… but, I want to go but the hurt is still there and if I go I would like to be able to make some connection… and I know this sounds selfish or odd… but she was a rock for me growing up and I would just one time only to know that she is aywhere near me or knows why I couldn’t bring myself to go to her wake or funeral.

This haunts me until this day… if possible… is there some way I could connect to my mamaw just one time?

Asked by Lisa Cooke