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Why Didn’t I Show Up In The Picture?

Yet another oddball question. Several years ago, my mother took a picture of me in a bathtub (CLOTHED!) in our new house before we moved into it. Sounds weird, maybe. It was just a really big garden tub type thing, and I asked her if she would do that for me. She snapped the picture, I’m certain, the flash even went off. But when I looked at it later, the tub was there, but I was nowhere to be seen.

It seems to me I read a similar story to this somewhere online. Anyway, any ideas on why I wouldn’t have been in the pic?

Asked by Renirc

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Oddball questions are the best kind, Renirc. 🙂

I’ve read this question too, on True Ghost Tales, I think, when we were all playing there.

why weren’t you in the picture? Where you pretending to be invisible? Was there anything misty in the photo where you should have been? Did your mom take two pictures and only show you the empty tub one? 😉 … otherwise, I have no idea.

Love & Peace

No, ma’am. The picture was clear as a bell. There was the tub, but no me! It could have very well have been on True Ghost Tales where I read something so similar. I guess I’ll just file this one in my UNEXPLAINABLE drawer with the rest! 🙂