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Is There Anything Paranormal About A Mirror?

There are lots of stories and tv shows about mirrors being portals to other dimensions, traps for ghosts or souls and other weirdness.

In reality is there anything to a mirror having magical weird properties? Or is it just very old special mirrors like antiques or something?

Asked by Howard

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Hello Howard,

Mirrors can be portals, doors between this plane and others. It doesn’t matter whether its an old mirror or a new one, or a shard of glass sometimes in the right location, it is about human belief that these things are possible, and the infinite ‘rooms’ that are created when you hold one mirror in front of another which created the belief – when you do that the reflections go on into forever.

As a kid I wasn’t brave enough, saw too many ghosts in the real world without having to invoke them through mirrors, but I did try the trick of calling one one day when I was an adult. LOL Didn’t work .. for which I think I was grateful even then. 🙂 As a child though .. in the middle of the deep dark night I got up to answer ‘the call of nature’ and stepped out of my room and into the hall and turned towards the bathroom, where a full length mirror was attached to the wall. In the mirror I saw a tall thin old lady coming towards me. Given I was a short chubby kid of about 9 or 10 at that stage, I knew it wasn’t me. The ‘call’ must have been urgent, or she must have vanished, because I just ran in to the bathroom and closed the door. I can remember always being frightened of that mirror, even in daytime, after that.

To close a mirror, which is something I do in every house I sleep in .. ghosts can use doors and windows just fine .. LOL

Very simple. I use either the Christian cross or the symbol Choku Rei, which is the Reiki symbol of opening and closing, to command a mirror closed. I draw it three times on the surface .. air draw it, or use water from the tap, with the ‘intent’ of closing this mirror. You could say something like “I command this mirror closed”? If the mirrors are on a vanity cupboard door just make sure you don’t think, when you open it, “I am opening this mirror” and the mirror will stay closed. You can use whatever symbol you believe has a protective nature to do this.

Mirrors can also be used to scry .. to see or predict the future. Some people use them to enhance their visions. You do need a gift called clairvoyance for it to work. You can also do this in a bowl of water, because it can also be a reflective surface.

I don’t recommend people try to call up ghosts, and other nastier stuff, in mirrors ‘just for fun’. Like ouija they can be a door that is hard to close, when someone is terrified that it is open, and feeding the vortex/mirror with their fear of it not being able to be closed. Also, if you go around all day, after you ‘close’ the mirror, fearing it will open itself ..your own fear will open it again. Just do the closing and let it go. They stayed closed. It’s always up to us. Energy follows thought.

Why do you ask?

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Fascinating stuff, Ama. Thanks.

I can get my face to change if I stare at myself in the mirror. Its always the same face – similar shape to mine, but I’m older and darker skinned than I am now, with dark hair and a beard – lol!!

The alternate me isn’t particularly handsome, either – hahaha!


Thanks AJ, I forgot that ‘game’, its fun. I once had an old lady appear over my shoulder one night when I was cleaning my teeth? Not the same old lady either, a whole different mirror.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama,

Would you happen to know the steps to how to scry with a mirror or with a bowl of water?

Yes, and you can look it up on the internet very easily. But why would you want to Micle? It’s used for viewing the future, as are many other tools. Crystal balls work much the same way, if they work at all.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama,

Oh ok cool! I want to know so I can try it out. When I was a kid, I had a favorite book of mine where the main character (based on a diary of a real girl) would have visions of people’s futures when she looked at the waters reflection. I felt like I connected with her deeply since when I read that book, that was around the time I began having more and more dreams of the future (and then of course a few years later, I became aware I was having visions of the future while awake).