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Did A Ghost Draw Something On My Mirror?

I recently came home from being gone a couple days and found what looked like a k with a circle around half of it.

No one was in here and I have no clue what it was drawn with. I’m super freaked out and believe in spirits a whole lot so if anyone had any answers on what it is or what to do please let me know as soon as possible?

Asked by izzy

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Broken Mirror Shard

I recently found a broken mirror shard in a rental property I’ve been living in for a year. It was shaped like a diamond and I found it in my bedroom.

I have noticed other things as well, I’ve had issues with multiple doors and locks and have always had a sense it is cursed, not haunted.

Have you ever come across anything like this or know what it could be?


Asked by Alyssa

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Writing On Mirror

Hi. I’m just looking to see if anyone may have an explanation for an event that happened a while ago.

I finished soccer and went home to shower, and I had locked the door so no one could come in but while I was in the shower I hear a kind of squeaking sound as though someone was writing on the mirror but that couldn’t happen because no one could’ve came in the bathroom.

When I got out of the shower I saw what appeared to be an eye like image on the mirror, like it was looking at the shower… It was creepy.

When I left the bathroom I asked everyone in my house if the came in the bathroom and they said no. I told them what I saw and brought my mom to show her but the steam on the mirror was gone.

The strange thing is, it usually takes about 10 minutes for the steam to go away but it was gone in a matter of 3 minutes. Can anyone explain this?

Asked by Steve


My Haunted Mirror

Are Closets And Mirrors Portals For Spirits?

Can Mirrors Draw Spirits?

Is There Anything Paranormal About A Mirror?

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My Haunted Mirror

Hello, I need to know why I’m seeing entities all around my house. when we were kids me and my sister both used to see someone else reflection in the mirror looking back at us but we were too young to know any different. As we grew up we just forgot all about it until recently when me and my sister started noticing faces of ghosts around the house and orbs everywhere. The scariest thing is the end bedroom, every night we see faces that look like demons in this round mirror we have and we see dozens of eyeballs appearing and looking around the room then staring right at us.

We also see lots a faces that are extremely large. I don’t know if we have some kind of portal in our house but what ever this haunting is, I’ve never heard of anything like it ever on any website and I’ve never even heard of any stories about mirrors that have eyeballs appearing and looking at you. It sends chills down my spine every time I see them. I mean what creeps me out is where are they coming from and what’s on the other side of that mirror. its like a portal to hell.

Me and my sister have been using our phones to record what we see in that mirror at night. We have lots of short videos where you can see demonic faces in that mirror appearing and disappearing and we have also got recordings of lots of giant eyeballs in the mirror looking around the room, we also keep seeing the face of an old lady in the mirror and we recorded a floating head infront of the mirror looking at his own reflection. ok that’s enough for now. if you want to see the recordings I have just get in touch. ok thankyou, bye for now

Asked by Mark

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Are These Signs I Am Being Haunted?

I have had some weird things happening to me, and I strongly believe that it is something paranormal.

Anytime I go through a certain small hallway in my home, something weird happens. At the end of the hallway there is 2 doors, one leads to my bedroom and the other leads to a closet with old kid’s toys and Halloween decorations/costumes, and there is a mirror mounted on the wall.

The other morning, I was walking into my bedroom around 5:30am, I caught my eye in the mirror and it looked like my face wasn’t my own. It was dark, and it could’ve been my eyes playing tricks on me, but it scared me and I ran into my room. Then, that evening, I was in the same hallway, and as I was walking it felt like someone pushed their body up against my back, I turned around and nobody was there, but I felt like I saw a big, black figure faintly, right in front of me.

Then, the next morning, again, around 5:30am, I was going through the hallway and I had a strange feeling wash over me, I stopped in the hallway and waited. I heard 3 slow, distinct knocks; which scared the crap out of me and I ran away.

I have played a Ouija board in the past (not at the home I am at now), and have had a lot of strange experiences. Additionally, my mother (who does not live with me) has told me a lot of paranormal experiences she has had. She explained to me how she always saw the number 666 (e.g. it was in her drivers license number, her house number, phone number etc). Lately, I am beginning to see it as well. For example, today I randomly noticed that I had 666 Twitter followers.

This is sort of unrelated. But today, my friend was driving me home to my town. She told me how every time she drives into my town, the song “Lost Boy” by Ruth B comes on the radio. I didn’t believe her. But sure enough, when we drove into my town, it came on the radio right away. It freaked me out a little.

Are these signs? Am I being harassed? I am debating on contacting a trusted medium I know. Any advice is appreciated!

Asked by Jessica

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Staring At Your Face In The Mirror Bad Experience

Hi there, so I would really like some advice as I’m absolutely shocked and extremely freaked out by what’s just happened.

I used to do this as a kid but nothing would happen back then was ever like this, but I’ll get to the point..

I started into the mirror today, looking directly into my own eyes to start the experiment today. After about 30 ish seconds my face started to darken, my eyes began to sink and fade slightly “at this point I’m doing my best not to blink” as my whole entire face darkens after about a minute I see this horrifyingly dark facial figure instantly pop out”and I know that sounds ridiculous” it was all contorted and dark, it was absolutely horrifying I can’t explain it.

But the moment that happened, I quickly snapped my eyes off of the mirror because I couldn’t take it any more, I was too disturbed but then I started to feel extremely dizzy… ? so incredibly light headed it felt like I was literally leaving my body and at the same time every hair was standing up on my body and it felt like I was tingling all over and I had goosebumps everywhere.

If my chair wasn’t there and I hadn’t dropped to my chair I would have fallen to the ground. After that a small manic attack occurred too.

Is this something paranormal? I honestly have never ever in my life felt or experienced this kind of thing before, and I am so scared right now. I can’t get that face out of my head, I mean when I looked away it was like it was almost burned into my vision. And it took a second for me to recognize my own face in the mirror after reluctantly peering at myself for a quick second after the ordeal.

I’m 22 Male and living in England and this has stumped me, I really don’t know what happened.

And I really wish it didn’t happen. Wish I never did it now.

I would really like some help or advice.

Kind regards,

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Ghosts And The Spirit World

Unexpected Reaction To Paranormal Investigation

I participated in my first paranormal investigation last night at a historical hotel with a large mirror which is said to be a portal. I was intrigued with the idea, but admittedly a bit skeptical.

In the quiet of the late night, I stood near the mirror, and got a very heavy sensation in my chest. It was almost difficult to breathe. I then got very emotional, nearly to the point of tears, and I walked away. When I removed myself directly from the mirror, both sensations subsided. Each time I approached the mirror, the sensations returned, and many tears fell down my face.

I felt strongly that there was a sad little girl nearby, and was quite astounded at my reaction, and remain a little confused as to why I reacted in this manner.

Interestingly, when others in the group started trying to communication with another spirit, the feeling of the little girl left… and did not return the entire remainder of the evening. I even came back into the ballroom where the mirror was, in the wee hours of the morning, and sat quietly by the mirror, and got absolutely nothing.

I had no other reactions during the rest of the investigation.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks so much.

Asked by Sunshine

Ghosts And The Spirit World

Are Closets And Mirrors Portals For Spirits?

Are closets and mirrors portals for spirits to use to enter this world?

Asked by Julia

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I Am Wondering If I Am Going Crazy

Another person wondering if they’re going crazy….

So, I’ll start by saying that I’ve personally come to the conclusion that I’m a little crazy.

I have a rather vivid imagination that seems to have no ‘off’ switch, and an interest in the supernatural and paranormal (though I don’t thoroughly believe such things exist). Obviously this combination of factors would explain whatever I’m experiencing. I just want an outside opinion.

I have always been afraid of the dark. I have a serious dislike of it and do my best to avoid it. I also am rather leery of mirrors, especially when it’s dark or the room is not well-lit, and I am not fond of basements.

At my grandparent’s house, the room I sleep in has wooden paneling, and I found a set of knots in the wood that looked like a face. This perceived face felt rather threatening to me, and during my stays there I sleep with a few night lights or a lamp on, and my back to the wall with said ‘face’. It was around the time I discovered the face that I began hearing faint, unintelligible whispering sounds, with no identifiable source. That was when I first started to turn on music to drown out what I thought I was hearing.

When I was younger, I used to think there was something in our bathroom – I would stand just outside the door and look into the dark room, and I always thought I saw a shadowy, human-shaped figure crouching in the far corner.

We’ve moved out of that house, and are currently in a new one. My dislike of the dark has not gone away, and I have slept with a lamp on for a couple days-long periods of time. I would often have an uncomfortable feeling when in my bedroom (which is in the basement), and have often had the sensation that I am not alone (though not of being watched). There have been many times when I think I hear whispering, though I can never hear what is being said (honestly, it disturbs me, and I usually turn on music to drown it out). There are also times (late at night/very early in the morning) when I am the only one who is awake, and I don’t hear or see anything, but I feel like someone is awake and in the room with me. On the rare occasion, I will see something move in my peripheral vision, only to find that there’s nothing there.

I covered the windows in my room, my mum helped me take down the mirror on the wall (it is now leaned reflective-side towards a wall), and I have a dim lamp in the corner of my room furthest from my bed that I leave on at night when I’m sleeping. Since doing these things, I have become more comfortable…

We have a cat, and I understand cats and other animals to be sensitive to entities and energies of various natures; I can only recall one time though when my cat reacted to some unseen thing in a way similar to mine- I had taken the cat to my room for the night, and he was sitting at the foot of my bed, when he looked up towards the closed door. I naturally followed his gaze, but didn’t see anything. I do recall having the disquieting sensation that something was on the other side of the door though.

I don’t know if I’m actually crazy, or if these weird experiences are actually happening outside my head, or what. The ‘logical’ part of my brain insists that there’s nothing there to be threatened by or afraid of, but the imaginative side of me insists otherwise (I guess I’m a bit confused). Thoughts, opinions?

Asked by M. Warfield

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Mirror Falls And Breaks On Its Own Is It Paranormal?

My fiancé and I just moved into a house with our 4 month old son. We have both had weird feelings since moving in (3 weeks ago,) and usually in our bedroom. I wake up every morning anxious, and smell a nasty smell that almost burns my nose.

The previous tenants had left a long mirror in the bedroom, so I decided to take advantage of it and hang it across from our bed in our room. Tonight he was reading on his phone in the dark, and I was in the kitchen. I heard a loud crash. When I went to investigate the sound, the mirror was on the ground face down with the top half perfectly cut and shattered. The creepy part is that he told me he heard it break BEFORE it fell. I Googled it, and I saw the old superstition that if a mirror falls and breaks on its own, that a person in the house will die soon. That creeps me out even more!

Does any of this sound paranormal?

Asked by Andrea