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Could I have Been Touched By A Ghost?

One morning I woke up, beautiful day, I don’t know how old I was but I was young, (I woke up before everyone else did haha) I was sleeping on the couch, (first time in years!) I woke up and I wanted to sleep a little longer.. I rolled over, back facing the couch so I could see if my mom or dad walked in, I always laid on my arms and had one arm stick off my bed (or in this case couch) I relaxed a bit, next thing I know I feel like I’ve been touched, I think ‘mom?’ I open my eyes. No one.

I ran to my parents room and there was my parents, asleep, (drank a little to much night before,) besides them I was home alone. It felt like some one walked up n touched my arm and walked away. I am 15 now, around January of 2010 I found out from the people who lived there before we did, the house is over 70-80 years old, 1-2 people have died and I am the only one who has ‘felt’ some one, my mom feels it in spirit, felt it in person, thanks, Jan

Sent in by Jan Voesten

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Hello Jan,

Was the afterthought “someone must have walked up and walked away” or did you actually ‘feel’ as though someone was there ‘before’ your arm was touched? You see, our mind will create impressions to qualify our experiences, and our memories will ‘fill in’ gaps, or make scenarios to make sense of what we experiece. That being said, what did the touch feel like .. fingers? Or fabric brushing you? Or just the movement of air .. which could have been a moth or bug. Was there a window open, the breeze can feel like a touch. Was it cold or warm ..? You might have thought ‘mum’ because your visitor was female, if it was a ghost.

Yes, ghosts can touch us, and do. They generally do it to get our attention, or to try and frighten us, because they feed on our negative energy. Most ghosts are not harmful, they simply want to be remembered, seen or recognised.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

I had something similar happen to me. A few days after my wife died, I woke up in the night and I felt her hand on the back of my neck. I could tell by the feel that it was her hand. I had the feeling she was saying everything is OK now. She died after a long painful bout with cancer. Things like that must be a way of communicating with us to let us know they are all right.

The nice part, BB, is this contact seems to be happening more often, and it started before 21 December last year. I don’t know if we are becoming more sensitive to spirits, or they have decided to remind us of their love more directly .. either way, its wonderful.

Love & Peace

I’ve been…well, for lack of a better word, smacked by them twice – once on the arm, once on the shoulder. Both times in my former, very haunted, workplace. That place was chock full of paranormal activity. I have no idea why one would be that aggressive. I guess it just didn’t like me. 🙂