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Can A Loved One Visit Our Dreams?

In June of 2012 I broke up with my ex of 11 years, due to the fact that he cheated on me with another girl… we had broke up once before and when we did he met her, they dated maybe a month before she cheated on him, then he came back to me but I guess had not completely let her go… needless to say she left the other guy and persuaded my bf.

No one really knows the exact story of what happened and there’s still an investigation going on, but he passed away January 1, 2013… they’re saying she caused his death, that they were in a domestic dispute. Anyways, last night I had a dream about him and usually when I dream about him its almost like a remembering the past kinda dream, but not last night, last night it felt so real, almost like I was talking to him… He told me he loved me and he wanted to be with me… I had told him I loved him too and that the only reason I had moved on was because he had… but then I was awoken by my fianc├ęs alarm… I awoke to this weird feeling, teary eyed, confused, and heart broken

Asked by Lona

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Big hugs to you, Lona x

Sometimes we dream (sub-conscious trying to sort something out) and sometimes we remember astrally projecting and whom we met whilst travelling.

I sincerely believe this was your ex’s way of saying sorry for all the heartache he’d caused. But he is ok now, and hopes you find it in your heart to forgive him for hurting you.

Judging by the emotions you experienced when you woke up, I’d say you’d finally forgiven him.

I hope that, in time, his memory will put a smile on your face rather than sadness in your heart.


Hello Lona,

I am so very sorry to read this. I am with AJ in saying that you had a ‘visitation’ rather than a dream, and that your ex came to say he was sorry. Do you remember his exact words?

He can’t be with you now, he’s died and you are still alive, and if you ever have that sort of dream again, tell him so. That’s just to make sure he ‘has’ passed over, because I am not sure that he has. Sometimes we do not cross into heaven because we regret decisions made on earth and need to know that the people we love have forgiven us, before we do. I am glad you told him you have moved on, that will encourage him to do so.

You waking up to his alarm doesn’t surprise me, because he would have wanted you to remember that you saw him and you might have forgotten as you went into other dreams during the night. Now its fixed in your memory, and your heart.

Was that the only thing that happened in that ‘dream’?

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Hello my name is Jacqueline Jorge ..when I was sleeping somebody was touching my hair and my body was feeling weird . I want to know is my grandfather Javier and his mother. They came to see me.. What is the answer they’re saying to me..