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Is There An Explanation For Dreams Like This?

I had a dream a couple nights ago, I’ve never had anything like it before.

I have a fenced-in lot, and sometimes my dog gets out when I open the gate to get the car out, but I don’t pay much attention because he doesn’t go anywhere. Ill be gone for an hour or so, and when I come back he’s waiting for me at the gate. But the last few times when I got back home, he’s been back in the yard. I didn’t think much of it, there’s probably a hole in the fence where he gets back in. It wasn’t a big deal, like I said he doesn’t run off or anything.

But a couple nights ago I dreamed that I saw him get through the fence by a eucalyptus tree where the top part was mashed down. This morning I went out to take a look at it, and right at the tree the fence was smashed down where the power co. cut some of the limbs off the tree to get them away from the power lines. It was exactly the same as my dream. I’ve heard of dreams like that, but that’s the first time that’s ever happened to me.

Is there some kind of an explanation for dreams like that?

Asked by Bofferbings

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Hi yu, Bofferbings

Premonition dreams are kinda like, time-hopping. In this case, it acted as a warning to get your fence fixed to keep your doggie safe.

There may also be telepathy between you and your dog, so he might have been ‘telling’ you how he’s getting out – the little rascal! LOL!


Morning BB,

I can think of a couple of explanations .. how long ago was the tree ‘doctored’ .. do you think you could have seen the damage without recognising it, because you were leaving in a hurry?

Yes, your dog might have been communicating the problem to you telepathically, but he could have sat beneath it and barked and that would have also got your attention too.

Otherwise your guides might have ‘told’ you, just so you can ‘close’ that door, more to keep things out than stopping the dog leaving, since he’s not inclined to run away anyway?

Love & Peace

I never thought Digger was all that bright, he’s kind of a dumb thing, but maybe he did communicate telepathically. They cut the branches about 3 weeks ago and hauled them off. But one of them must have fallen on the fence and smashed it down. Anyway, I fixed the fence and in the meantime I better pay more attention to the little bugger. lol!

Also the last few nights he has been barking a lot at night, maybe he was trying to tell me something.

No, I wouldnt either. Everyone here has half a dozen dogs, and when one starts barking every dog in town starts in. Its more than likely rabbits hes barking at.

Or possums? We have a couple of them living around here. I have cats. The cats have tried to take on one of the possums, which is actually a little bigger than Charlie, and lost .. now they avoid them. 🙂

Love & Peace

Theres no possums here that I know of. Theres coyotes and rabbits and thats about all. I heard possums can be pretty mean.

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