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Could There Be Life On Another Plane?

Could there be life on another plane? Like is it possible that another me exist in another plane? That we all live our lives differently but have almost the same destiny?

Asked by Chinelo

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Hi Chinelo

That’s the magic question that lots of people want answered. Some think its possible, others think this is the ‘only’ reality we have. Do humans live out simultaneous lives on multiple planes? Are dreams only dreams, or glimpses of other realities?

What do you think?

Love & Peace

Some religiously inclined scientists and theorists say that heaven is in the fourth demension. Whether that is true or not I can’t say for sure. If there is another me living out their life on another plane then all I can say is please get it right. Fix up all the screw ups I made so that one of us has a perfect life. That would be neat. We could all meet up in heaven and compare notes! I wish I could say definitely but I can’t. If you find out before I do – give us all a heads up.

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