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When Is A Good Time To Use A Ouija Board?

When is a good time to use the oujia board? I tried one dark afternoon when it was stormy out but it didn’t work.

Any suggestions?

Asked by Lil

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Hi Lil

There is NEVER a good time to use an Ouija board. By using one, you’re only asking for trouble.

Take my advise, and stay well clear of them.


Dear Lil, most of us feel attracted to the unknown and maybe using some device to communicate with our dead ones or find out information through mysterious paths. But I strongly recommend you stay away from the ouijia board. This opens doors to other planes and you never know what entities or evil beings you will let into your life or living space. Some entities will pretend they are somebody else. They can be liars, you see, and make you believe anything they want. I’ve heard first hand experiences of terrible ordeals some people went through when they were possessed by an evil being as a result of using the ouijia board.

Great answer, Argel, I completely agree.

Hello Lil,

I’ve ‘had’ first hand experiences with negative entities coming through the boards. It acts as a door into the void, the place between heaven and earth where all lost souls ‘live’, as well as far nastier entities. Once the ouija activates a ‘gate’ (door or vortex) between this plane and there, if not closed properly, can continue to allow all sorts of beings to come through, who will haunt and harass the living.

Please do NOT use an ouija. If you own one, take it outside, break it into pieces and burn it. It is not a toy, it is a nightmare waiting to happen.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Hello Anonymous,

How are you helping others using an ouija?

Ouija connect to the area in the spiritual planes where lost souls (ghosts) and other nastier entities hang out. It can happen that a spirit might come through and give someone a message, but this event is so ‘infrequent’, that its safer not to use a board at all. You could end up haunted by something that you didn’t ask to come through, that might have slipped in while you were focused on what the planchette was writing, and so could the person you were trying to help. Then there is the fact that the negative entities can pretend to be somone they are not .. so each time you have to ask yourself how do you know for sure who you are getting messages from? Does each ghost tell your client something incredibly personal and secret, from the past, that only they could know .. or are all the messages very generic (ordinary or general)?

Entities that come through the ouija want their victims to become fascinated by using the board, by ‘talking to the dead’, so that they can feed from your energy. There are far safer ways to talk to dead people than using something you cannot control, which is a door that often cannot be closed, even by good intentions.

Burn the board. It’s the only good way of getting rid of it. Then clear the energy of your home, because you have no idea what is actually hanging around in it, if you do not have the psychic gifts that allow people to be mediums. The Michael Invocation, at the bottom of the page, will do that.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Never, ever, use or purchase a ouija board. My Mom gave my sister and I one for Christmas one year, she said it was a fun game. I couldn’t sleep all night that night because I could feel something “evil” lurking in my closet. I told my Mom to get rid of it, throw it away or take it back and get her money back, whatever. I know this sounds weird but spirits with bad intentions are lurking waiting for some person who doesn’t know what they are doing or they are so “insensitive” that they cannot see or feel spirits when they come through. Once they are through they are there with you and only a trained exorcist can undo the damage. If you are ever somewhere and one of those boards comes out of the closet – excuse yourself and go home before anything gets started. If you stick around and watch you are taking the chance that an evil spirit might attatch itself to you and follow you home. Just stay away please.

Sorry Lil, but I think the majority of us have pretty much the same response when it comes to Ouija boards. Many of us have first hand experience that it is unwise to use one. Myself included. I was lucky, only in the fact that my friends deceased grandmother came through telling us to take the board and burn it; an entity from the void would not have done that. I was frightened of the board after that, because, why else would a spirit who has passed on advise you to burn the board unless there was a considerable danger in using it? That was the one and only time, in my experience, that I believe a Spirit and not a lost soul or entity came through the board, but she only came through as a warning for us to stop. I hope you would heed the same advice.

u can try ojo board at anytime my frnd……nothing will happen bcoz there r no ghost or spirits…be practicaal and logical…belive in god,,,belive in physics

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