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Anyone Familiar With Amy Allen Or Experience The Things She Does?

Hello, Was wondering what your opinion of this lady is? You may not know who I’m speaking of.. but she is on a show called Dead Files… and she opens the show saying.. My name is Amy Allen, I see dead people, I talk to dead people.. and she has a private investigator who works outside of her, gathering info she knows nothing about… any one familiar with her? And, if so, do you feel or experience the same type of things that she does?

Asked by Lisa (LaFawn)

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Ok, that is a program I definitely want to watch .. I wonder if I can buy the series that would play in australian dvds?

Hello Lisa,

Amy Allen receives information the same way lots of other mediums do, including myself. My experience at Ararat with the girl Annalise, the link to which is on the bottom of this page, had me reliving her death incredibly vividly, overwhelmed by her fear, and her desperation to be acknowledged by anyone living. I crossed her over. Does Amy cross ghosts over? Then there was that young boy who starved to death. I ‘dreamed’ his memories and woke up to find him, skeleton thin, standing next to my bed ‘sharing’ his experience with me. I don’t know how many people he had done that to before, but I crossed him as well. If a ghost wants my attention that much, they can have it, and all the help I can give them.

I watched the beginning of the Banshee story, it got jammed in the middle and started running ads over and over, but it was like watching myself work. Many mediums do feel what the ghost projects, and see what they want us to see. The only thing I didn’t agree with was the information that if you ‘see’ a banshe you will die. The banshee is an elemental being, a warning of impending death, but generally someone else’s in your family (because they are bound to certain families), they don’t ‘appear’ to people. Screaming ghosts are not the same thing, but they do appear to people.

As to behaviour, a nasty person when alive is still nasty when they are dead, if they choose to become a ghost. They will continue their negative behaviour until someone finds them and crosses them into healing – which is another good reason for doing so.

I love the way Amy and her partners (husband and policeman) do their work. She does a ‘cold read’, which means she knows nothing about the situation when she walks into it. Her husband makes sure there’s nothing in the building to influence her perceptions, and the policeman does the detecting, and combining it together, its a very interesting show.

Thanks for sharing,
Love & Peace

Ama,I watch that show all the time, I really haven’t seen where she has crossed over anyone. I think that she suggests to some of the people to have someone come in and help them do it for them.
Maybe away from the show she might do it.
I have found the show very interesting because I think it is great to be able to see and talk to them, but she kind of scares me, because she talks a lot about Demons and some of the pictures she has had drawn are really scary.


Hi Nancy,

Thank you. I’ll see if I can look at a few more of her shows. My internet is not really fast enought to download them properly .. joys of living in a small country town.

As for demons – they exist. The ugly ones are not nearly as scary as the truly beautiful ones .. but that’s just my opinion. LOL

Ignorance is no longer bliss .. but I don’t talk about this subject much, because I don’t want to scare the folk who really don’t need to know.

Love & hugs

Ms. Ama, she will tell them how to rid themselves of entities she finds in their home.. I think I’ve watched just about every episode she has aired on TV… maybe you could find her on Hulu or Netflix.. I remember the girl you crossed over … Thank God 🙂 … poor child was suffering so… and Amy does feel the pain and sicknesses also of those still lingering around…
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and thank you Nancy for your comment.. 🙂


God help us all if is she is real….because she sees some scary shit, In my personal opinion , shes full of it, it’s curios that she does these long “walks” through these haunted homes ect… But they never have had one paranormal experience,not a noise, not a knock, no evps……nada….unless they are editing these pieces of evidence to protect us from actual proof of the haunting… It makes no sense she her self says that ghosts, entities ect.. Are attracted to her because of her abilities . Seems like they would catch a random orb or foot steps, but nope . I agree the show is entertaining , but real I’m not so sure, we take the shows word for it that she and Dishavi (her partner) don’t communicate before the big “reveal”… If they told us at the beginning of the program, This is all bull crap I doubt there ratings would be as good as they are…also the sketch artist….seems also so fake….”is this what you saw Amy?” ……..dramatic pause while we wait for Amy to say with certainty “YES” that’s what I saw…. If I here her say the word creepy one more time,I’m gonna….I guess I should just change the channel… Shoot I forgot one more thing, the dates, she is always dead on when her camera man, asks what year was this, with out hesitation she replies “1865 1868 some where around there”, then we find out the actual date is 1867, it’s just a little to specific for me, or when she makes this horrid constipated face, and when her cam corder guy asks “are u ok?” “Yea I’m fine I’m just re-living the deaths of 30 people right know! Just give me a sec….” Nope too much for me,I’ll stick to the guys at GAC…..Ghost adventure crew,You go Zack!!

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