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Inexplicable Unknown Girl Comes Out In A Picture

About 6 months ago or so my girlfriend was at the beach alone in a relaxing day since she was off from work. Well as you know girls tend to take so many pictures and selfies which she did on her samsung galaxy S3.

Recently we were going through her old pictures and we came to notice on one of her pictures which was a selfie, you could see a girl in a white gown with long hair and in black and white (Picture was colored).

The wierd fact is that the girl is located by my girlfriend hair/neck and you only see from her chest up. She’s about the size of a knuckle and shes just floating there in the picture which is the first time we encounter something paranormal like this. My girlfriend freaked out and doesnt want me telling anyone about it because she’s scared that something happens to her, and I was hoping you guys could maybe have an explanation for this or have a previous experience with something like this.

Im willing to convince my girlfriend to send you guys the picture, I just hope you guys answer back with an answer since I looked for hours in the internet and I couldnt really come across an answer for my case.

If you read this I really appreaciate your time and I will be waiting for a response. Thank you

Asked by Julio

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Hi Julio,

Ghosts appearing in photos is a phenomena that has existed ever since someone invented the camera. It happens these days as well. As Luna says, we would love to see the picture, to make sure it was a ghost.

You can send the photo to Caretaker to upload for you.

Love & Peace

Hello Julio,
First off, Yes!! Please do have the photo sent. If you ask, I believe it is possible for CareTaker to put the photo with your question. It would help out a great deal to be able to analyze it and see what’s going on with my own eyes. Also, others on here may have a better input as well.
Second, It could be a many number of things: How was the picture taken? with today’s digital photography or did you use old school film? If you used old school film, was it possible the film was used before? Sometimes, if there is an image already on the film, it can superimpose onto the next thing that is photographed, making it appear as if a “ghost” was caught on camera. If not, and the photograph was un-doctored or un-tampered with it could very well be a ghost of some sort, but don’t panic; there are ways to send them packing, I assure you!

First rule out the more physical and mundane explanations, and if you can’t explain the photo away, just say out loud, “Arch Angel Michael please find and take the girl who appeared in my photograph to Heaven or into the Light for Love and Healing. Thank you.” and she should be gone. See, whether you believe in Angels or not, they are there and they believe in you. All “ghost” are, are human’s in spirit who haven’t yet crossed over into the light and they need to cross over, to receive healing so they can prepare for their next journey in life on the other side. Ghosts, if they remain on our plane of existence, will tend to feed on our energy to survive and that, my friend is unhealthy for us as well as them, so give your angels permission to return them Home and they will! Hope I’ve answered your question and would love to hopefully see the photo! Luna.

I can try to smuggle the picture off my girlfriend’s phone, the only reason she hasn’t deleted it is because she was so petrified about all this that she thinks by deleting the picture could bring a bad or negative outcome to her. Now my question is by me sending this picture out of the source where it was originated would it alter any or bring anything negative towards me or my girlfriend? And Thank you guys for taking your time and answering my question, hope to hear from you guys soon.

I wouldn’t ‘smuggle’ anything. Be honest about it. The lady needs to stop worrying about what it ‘might’ be and be happy for us to look at the picture.

And sending the picture to us will not draw negativity to you or her, but spending the whole time worrying about what ‘might’ happen, may just do that. Fears and anger can draw the same energy sort of energy to us.

The problem with phone pictures is they often don’t reproduce well, but we’ll hopefully be able to see what your lady thinks you see.

Love & Peace

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