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Okay so my girlfriend has nightmares every night involving family friends anything and or any oneĀ  close to her. In my girlfriend’s nightmares there is always a man wearing a black hoodie with the hood pulled up and she can’t see his face. I am concerned that she is experiencing something paranormal.

I have been searching the web trying to find similar phenomena but the closest thing I found was a man wearing a long black trench coat the only problem with that is that the man in the trench coat isn’t in dreams he is a shadow man that is often seen around households.

Please help I am concerned for my girlfriends safety

Asked by Derick

One reply on “Nightmares”

Hi Derick legion

What is going on in your girlfriends life?

Is she stressing out about something?

Our subconscious can ‘tell us’ things in the most unusual way. For example, when my mind has a problem with emotions, I dream of horses.

I think the hooded man might well represent a worry or problem in your girlfriends life? Are the nightmares always ‘taken place’ in a similar situation?


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