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What Was That Ghostly Hiss?

On Christmas Day around 4-5 pm in the evening just as it was going dark, my Mum, Sister and myself were all sat in the front room of my Mum’s house watching the TV. The cat was also in the front room with us so it is not possible for the cat to be blamed for what happened next!

The door to the front room was open and we all heard what sounded like a “cats hiss” from outside of the door, but the hiss sounded more human than feline!

We all looked at each other in surprise, my Sister stating that the noise could not have been the cat as he was sat in the front room with us.

Please can you offer any explanation as to this occurrence?

If you have any questions please ask!

I would also like to mention that there have been other incidents over the years like a banging on the window and a chair shaking whilst my Mum was standing on it. My Nan was also sat on the chair to prevent the chair tipping as well!

Kindest regards

Asked by Steve

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Hi Steve,

Any pipes in the walls, or under the floor, or in the roof, in that section of the house? That would be my first thought.

The ‘other’ things you describe might suggest the house was haunted, but what was the hissing about? What was happening at the time you heard it, and did you all hear the sound? Were you discussing something, arguing, watching tv .. reading books .. planning an adventure? Maybe someone was grumbling that they couldn’t come along?

Those are genuine questions ..

Love & Peace

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