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Why Did She Appear On Camera But Not Photo?

While on a camping trip with my friend, Sarah, she asked I take a picture of her on my iPhone. The thing is, after had taken the photo, she didn’t appear on it. I remember seeing her through the camera’s screen to see if it had her on it (for sake of it being a good picture) When she asked to see it, I told her it didn’t take, and asked her to stand by the tree once more, the same thing happened. I looked at the screen, saw her, hit the button to take the picture, but when I looked at it in my camera roll, it was only the tree.

This is troubling, it’s not like you can be on camera, but not on the photo. And since it was on a smart phone, it’s not like the film of an actual camera that could mess up and leave something out of a photograph.

I’m not saying this is paranormal, but I need some answers. Unless someone hacked my phone and could perfectly photo-shop her complete body, and replace it with the tree in under 3 seconds, I guess I’ll resort to this.

Asked by Paulo

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Weird Fog Smoke Or Mist In Picture

Today at around 12:30 in the afternoon, I was sitting in my room when I saw a formation of smoke floating above my bed.

The formation kind of looked like a small cloud of mist or smoke. When I tried to wave it away, it reformed itself and then floated to the other side of the room and disappeared. My window was closed, so it wasn’t from outside, and I was not smoking.

Can anyone explain this to me? I took photos, and you can clearly see the smoke in the pictures, and there is a straight line going through the smoke.

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Asked by Martha

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Why Is This Person On Camera But Not On Photo?

My friend and I were leaving the movies when we saw the security guard at out school. I wanted to take a picture of him to show her mom because we hate him (because of earlier experiences).

I discreetly put the camera on him. As normal I saw him but when I later viewed them with my friend, he wasn’t there. Even when the people who could have been blocking the view moved, he was still not there and I know I saw him though the camera to make sure I got him before.

Is there anything like this out there that this could be?

Asked by Rain

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Inexplicable Unknown Girl Comes Out In A Picture

About 6 months ago or so my girlfriend was at the beach alone in a relaxing day since she was off from work. Well as you know girls tend to take so many pictures and selfies which she did on her samsung galaxy S3.

Recently we were going through her old pictures and we came to notice on one of her pictures which was a selfie, you could see a girl in a white gown with long hair and in black and white (Picture was colored).

The wierd fact is that the girl is located by my girlfriend hair/neck and you only see from her chest up. She’s about the size of a knuckle and shes just floating there in the picture which is the first time we encounter something paranormal like this. My girlfriend freaked out and doesnt want me telling anyone about it because she’s scared that something happens to her, and I was hoping you guys could maybe have an explanation for this or have a previous experience with something like this.

Im willing to convince my girlfriend to send you guys the picture, I just hope you guys answer back with an answer since I looked for hours in the internet and I couldnt really come across an answer for my case.

If you read this I really appreaciate your time and I will be waiting for a response. Thank you

Asked by Julio