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Why Did I See A Stagecoach With Horses And People?

While talking with my sisters husband I mentioned that 30 years ago I had a experience where I tried to leave a room and was floated back to bed and seen a miniature stagecoach with horses and people move across a mirror in the room. I did not attempt to get back up and laid there till my grandmother came and got me, never saying anything about what happened till speaking with my brother in law.

He freaked me out when he said my sister had seen the same thing 30 years earlier but it was on a window seal, and it was a stagecoach small with horses and people and the noises of cowboys wooden wheels and guns. What are the odds?

I have spoken to my sister about this and she swears it was no dream. As I said I was attempting to leave a room, both where at different homes.

I have scoured the net looking for any signs of someone having seen this and can not find anything. Is there something there? Did we miss something? 30 years and it is still a memory that I will never forget.

Asked by Brian

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Hi Brian,

You wrote that you were floated back to bed. I have to ask if you thought you were awake, or were you physically lifted off your feet, when it happened.

What could have happened is that your spirit was astral travelling, and you can feel just like you are awake, and see the most amazing, interesting, and sometimes scary things, just to find yourself floating back to bed, settling back inside your body and almost feel like you drift awake, or had never been asleep.

The different homes might be that the memory is related to something that happened in your family, a ‘collective’ memory .. but I am not sure. Were any other events in common happening at the times you and your sister saw the scene?

Love & Peace

no , no other events, and she claims she was wide awake.she recalls the noises from the stagecoach

Fascinating, thank you for sharing the stories. I do still consider that you were both astral travelling. I wonder what the significance of the stagecoach has to your family, or your history? Did some of your ancestors work on them?

Love & Peace