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Meeting With A Strange Old Lady That Had Knitted A Pull For Me

Most of the paranormal experiences I’ve heard about are more or less subtle (in the sense of not like a real meeting like in the Streets), but I remember a concrete strange meeting since long, so with time I’ve started wondering if ghosts (or whatever it was) could have such real interactions like I’ve had and therefore if it was really a ghost.

So here’s what happened :

It was when I was around eight years old, the second and last time I went to visit my great grand mother at her retirement house (it was far from where I lived and she died a few months later). Everybody was in her room (my grand parents – her only daughter and son in law, my twin brother, my two years old younger brother and me) and, with my twin, we were playing with the wheelchair. For some reason, I decided to leave the room for a moment. There was a short sort of corridor (which I’m not sure actually even led to any room) in front of my great grand mother’s room. An old lady stood there and gently and happily called to me so I went to greet her. Then she gave me a purple pull that, she said, she had knitted for me, between the last time I came and this day, because she knew it was my favorite colour (which was true at this time). I don’t remember how we said our goodbyes to each other but when I asked later that day about this old lady, I’ve been told that there was no old lady that was knitting.

The strangest things about the old lady is that I was sure I never met her before (at this age, I already had a better memory than most adults) and only few people knew my favorite colour as I wasn’t much of a talking person. The only person who could’ve told the old lady was my grand mother but she said she had never met her before. Also, no one could have known that I would come by the retirement house again because of how far I lived.

I’ve had, before and after that, other “paranormal experiences” (from hearing voices to interacting with an other spirit(?)) but no other thing about the old lady ever appeared.

So to reformulate my question, I’m wondering if it’s really possible that it was a spirit as I only have little knowledge about the subject or if it was something else maybe? I’m also curious of if I should go back there to find out? Would I find anything? (it was in Britanny in case it matters)

Hopefully, I haven’t used too many non-existent expressions as English isn’t my first language!

Asked by Jade

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Hi Jade,

Your English is fine. I have a couple of questions. How much time had passed between your previous visit and the one you wrote about? And, what happened to the purple pull? Did you take it home with you? When did you check with other people about the existence of the old lady? She might have been knitting in her room without people really noticing.

Love & Peace

Hello Ama,

Thanks for your answer. Logically, there should be a space of a year between the two visits. I come back in the region once a year for a month in july/august.
I took the purple pull home. I moved often throughout all France, so it should now be in a box in the basement of the building I live in or at my father’s house.
I asked about the old lady more than once, the first time was just the next day after I met her. I never got to ask the staff of the retirement house however, I asked my family that was there that day.

Hi Jade,

It could be possible that the old lady had Alzheimers or Dementia and mistook you for someone that she thought she knew, such as one of her grandchildren, or great grandchildren. You accepting the pull was lovely, because it would have made her very happy. It might have been something that she had knitted before she came to the Home, so people would not have seen her doing it.

Being handed something tangible by a ghost doesn’t happen very often, so I think it is more likely to be a matter of a bit of confusion on her part, rather than something paranormal.

Love & Peace