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How To Help Spirits Moving On?

My 3 year older step bi-polar Sister just passed the 10 of November 2014. She went from a large gal and lost all Her weight and starved Herself to death. She refused help from anyone.

I understand about leaving unfinished business behind, you don’t move on yet roam the Earth in misery. How do I know if She is around or left with my twin Sister who came and got most all of her stuff. She lives about 40 miles away.

Barbara Hambleton Murdock also Had a twin Sister Beverly Hambleton Stark who passed on Nov of 2008 of a Heart attack. She was around the 350+ mark so a Heart attack made sense. How can I know where She is and help her find the portal? I do have a Ouija Board which I have tried with 2 different roommates. They were short lived less than 5 minutes and nothing happened due to the lack of confidence of the other players.

Oh and the shower curtain one time fell down right around the time of Barbara’s passing. I’m thinking it was Beverly…

Asked by Clay

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Hi Clay,

Just because someone dies doesn’t mean they will not go straight into heaven when they need healing as much as you say your sister did. If Barbara is your sister then both of them have already crossed over. One thing I have always been good at is knowing when someone has become a ghost.

If Barbara is not your sister then please tell me her name and date of birth and I will check, and if she is a lost soul, she won’t be anymore. I don’t leave anyone just ‘hanging about’.

Love & Peace

Also, Clay, PLEASE stop messing with Oija boards!! They are just asking for trouble and you never know who is going to come through so it is not reliable to find/contact your sister/step sister. Many times, the spirits you contact are coming from the void and not all of them are nice and if allowed to enter can wreak havok on your life and anyone else involved. Ama, (my friend above) has a better chance of actually finding and contacting the people you wish to seek and can do it in a safe and secure manner. I would definitely follow her advice! Other than that, I wish you the best of luck as I know it is hard losing a family member! Peace, Love and Light. Luna.