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Is Our Flashlight Test Proof Of The Paranormal?

Hi. There have been several unexplained things going on in our apartment. We set out a flashlight (turned on but twisted to the point of being off). Several nights nothing happens but then last night the flashlight comes on and when we ask questions, it dims then goes back bright. After a couple of minutes it fades out.

It makes us wonder if it was a spirit manipulating it at all. On shows we have seen, it is just an on or off type of thing, but ours fades in and out. We have caught an EVP saying “HEY” and we catch obvious orbs quite a bit on video.

The other morning we awoke to the sound of the microwave buttons being pressed and looked to see that the time was changed. No way this could have happened “normally”.

Any ideas about the flashlight? Thanks.

Asked by Casey

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Iv tested many therios being as I am 100% positive that ghosts and demons exist and the flash light could work but its not quite viewed as solid evidence unlike EVP’S and pictures,2 tricks I learned off a ghost huntinh show is if you dont have white flooring or your place isnt covered by rugs to leave a trail of flour on the floor over night, apparently ghosts can leave foot prints a second one is place a ogject on the floor or table under a piece of paper and outline it with chalk so if I moves an inch you will know. The last trick I recently learned it you can take a necklace, like mediums use on those tv shows and dangle it above your opposite hand, start by asking your name first to warm up, then begin to ask yes or no questions. If it spins in a circle than it means “yes” it it swings back and forth than it means “no”. It usually works for me 🙂

Hi Casey,

There’s a toy you can get called a KII which has flashing lights on it .. look it up on the internet .. they are much more fun for conversations than a torch, which could have simply turned itself on, and when you jiggled the floor near the connect disconnects slightly, then reconnects, hence the fading.

I’d be telling the ghost to stop playing with the microwave, or leave a glass of water in it all the time, so that if it ‘is’ turned on by mistake, it won’t blow itself up.

Otherwise, clear your home of ghosts. They might start out fun, but they generally don’t end up that way. There’s a link to the Michael Invocation at the bottom of this page .. when you are ready.

Love & Peace

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