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Do Some Signs Leave Us Faster Than Others?

I met Carol L Dewsnup May 27th 2012. She’s a Taurus born on 5-15-1959 July 25, 2012 my Birthday Carol and I went camping. She took to the guy we camped with and the morning of 7/27/2012 I left her there with J.D. and told Him not to let her die.  She was on Medication and drinking Vodka. I could no longer be with Her and wrote a few letters. On 10-11-12 Carol was found deceased on some guy’s apartments kitchen floor in the complex She lived in.

Barbara my sister was also Taurus 4-27-1958 My current roommate Mike Barry Brown is 5-11-1969. They say they go in 3’s could he be next?  I ask this cause of his addictive lifestyle.  How else can you get answers if not through a Ouija Board or and EVP. I wished I had an EVP or Spirit box. I’ve studied and read the rules so, I would never use it alone, problem is cannot seem to find anyone who wants to use it with me, thanks to it having such a bad name and reputation. I don’t view it as a game. The Glow in the Dark Ouija Board I purchased online for $30.00 thinking of contacting Carol. I also would Love to ask my Granpa a few questions about His House that I live in.

Asked by Clay

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Hi Clay,

No, people don’t choose to be born in a certain zodiac sigh because the choice is going to mean they die early. The zodiac is about personality and life lessons, and is part of our learning about ourselves in each lifetime. Your friends dying sounds more like a lifestyle ‘choice’, when people abuse drugs and alcohol it is very likely they might make a mistake and die by their own hand, or by accident.

As to talking to them, or your grandparents, through an ouija – don’t. If you share the habits of your friends, then you are more vulnerable to being hurt by nasty ghosts, and other entities, that use those boards as doors into this world. It is highly unlikely that you will connect to the people you want to talk to. You’d do better to ask them to come to you in your sleep, which is happening a bit more regularly than it used to. Stay away from the ouija boards. I don’t care if it glows in the dark or not .. it is still just as dangerous.

As to getting a spirit box .. don’t bother. Do you own an Iphone or android? Go to a site called ‘spudpickles’ and download their ghost radar. If my son (in spirit) can come through with a lovely clear message on that ‘free’ download, then so can your grandparents. You do not need fancy toys.

As for EVPs – you can’t trust who is talking to you (or ‘at’ you), hanging around (invisibly), to be the people you hope to connect to .. and EVPs are addictive .. so better not to add any more problems in that direction, if you have them.

Use commonsense. Not everything is nice in the spirit world, and not everyone is supposed to talk to us after they die. We are supposed to focus on getting on with our ‘lives’ and let them get on with theirs.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Hi Ama,

Which app did you get that your son came through with a message? I can only find 1 free app on their website and it’s a game, not a ghost radar app. They have the a few ghost radars but they are not free.

Hi Micle, ghost-radar-classic/ I have deliberately broken this link, because we are not supposed to put active links on this site .. it worked completely clearly. Four words in a row that told a story that only I could know. My son’s name, the name of the lady medium (unusual) who he talked to at a rescue circle many years before (you know I only really talk to ghosts, not spirits, and my son is a spirit), her physical health when I last saw her, and “remember”.

I don’t know about anything being a game, but my daughter also downloaded that tool and scared the hell out of herself, because it was commenting (saying words) about what she was doing as she wandered around her bedroom. It’s not a toy. Sometimes simple is best?

Love & Peace

Hi Ama,

Ok I got the app. So how does this app work? What do the changing numbers mean, what do the words mean, and how do you know when it picked up a spirit or ghost? I got these red, green, and yellow dots on them and the words “after”, “copper”, “perhaps”, and “composition” just to name a few. Also, when I saw on the app a color pop up and then it left, I saw a spark of light near me. But the radar didn’t pick that up when it was near me.

On the website, there is an app they have that is a ghost game called “Quest”. I think it’s just a regular game.

Thanks for your reply. I guess I could post an ad on cragslist to sell the board. I’m not afraid of them, yet smart enough not to use them in the wrong way.

Hi Clay,

If I had the choice, I would say ‘burn the board’. Selling it just means passing on the problem to someone else. In the long run its not good for your karma. You know there’s a problem with the board, but you pass it on anyway, or sell it.

Love & Peace

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