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Has Something Attached Itself To Me?

When I was 3 my family moved into this house where this old lady lived for a long time. She said she had to tape her crucifixes to the wall because they would fly off. Our landlord warned us that she might be a little crazy but harmless.The house looked like an old Victorian, or colonial which isn’t typical of the area.

A little after a month later, I wake up to go to the bathroom and when I came out I saw a black figure sitting on the stairs leading to the attic. I got scared and hid under my bed but it came to look for me. All I could see from under my bed was a pair of glowing yellow eyes and I could hear a purring noise. It reached out and touched my hand and then ran off somewhere. The next day I saw it by a dried up creek near the house. It spoke to me in a raspy whisper and it pointed out a snake that was lying still. He told me to jump over it to make sure it was dead. The snake was dead but my mom almost had a heart attack when she saw me play with it. I told her the “Cat Man” told me to do it and she dismissed it as an imaginary friend. This thing was tall and skinny, wearing black and had the face of a hairless cat with the glowing yellow eyes.

I moved with my father when I was 6 but for those few years I would wake up with scratches all over my body. The only one I know of that has seen the Cat Man was our neighbor’s German Shepard and he chased after it for hours. The Cat Man tortured me for 3 years and I couldn’t get anyone to believe me.When my oldest son turned 3, he told me about a bad man that likes to scratch him, too. I never once mentioned the Cat Man around him. He has a few scars on his body I can’t account for and he refuses to sleep alone in his room.

I have another son that is turning 3 in a couple of months, and a daughter that is 8 months and I worry if the same thing will happen to him. I thought “imaginary friends” were supposed to be friendly.

Did something evil attach itself to me? If it did, can it go after my children, too? How do I get rid of it?

Asked by Jessica

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Hi Jessica,

How old is your oldest son now, and is he still being scratched .. in the way you were? My kids were always getting scratches and bruises I couldn’t identify .. that wasn’t paranormal, that was rough play.

What happened at the end of the three years of your troubles?

Answer those first for me please,
Love & Peace

Thank you for reading my story, I know it’s kind of vague but let me see if I can clear up some questions. My oldest son is 5 now and at the time when it started to happen my younger son was about 4 months old. I’m a stay at home mother so I’m pretty much around my children all the time. He’s really good about telling me when he and his brother are fighting, but this case is a little different. He woke up one morning when he was 3 with this deep scratch on his left side about 4 inches long. I didn’t recall seeing him fall or hit his side on anything so I asked him what happened. He told me Bad Man did it. I was really specific about asking him who the bad man was. I asked him about people in my family and he said no to all of them. Then I asked him what the bad man looked like. He put his hands up like claws and lets out a long hiss. Since then he has had 3 scratches he says the Bad Man did; one on his back, one on the side of the neck, and one on his right shin. I moved in with my father who was living in Denver when I was 6, and I haven’t seen the Cat Man since but I still to this day hear a raspy whisper every once in a while, like it’s in the other room, and sometimes at night I can feel my bed move like someone is kicking it. I moved back in with my mother when I turned 8. We were living with my grandma after my grandpa died. I was still seeing shadows and hearing the whispers. Pictures would come off the wall, glasses would fall off the table and shatter, I even saw a couple of mirrors shatter in the bathroom. My grandma is devoutly Catholic and she has several saint statues all over the house. She has this big stone statue of St. Michael on her dresser, and I saw it fall off the dresser and break when it hit the floor at the neck. I made the mistake of telling a friend at school about it, and as soon as it spread everyone started treating me like I was crazy so that’s how I wrote off the experience. I was totally alienated because of it and for the longest time I thought I was crazy. I explained away the things that broke and I rationalized the voices I heard the best I could. I went to therapy for 5 years and was told I was a little depressed but not crazy. I don’t want this thing, if it’s anything, to get to my children that way. It told me horrible things about my family. It said my grandpa had another family and that he didn’t even love my grandma. He said my older brother wanted to kill me and that my mother didn’t even want to have me and that the only reason she said she did was to hurt my father. He said the only reason people say they love each other is to use one another and once someone is all used up they get thrown away. To this day I have to sleep with my back against the wall because I remember when he would scratch my back when I slept. I appreciate your interest in this matter because I have not come across any other story that is similar. Thank you.

I left something out of my last reply. Since my contact with the Cat Man, I have this strange connection with cats. Every time I’m in public I see cats everywhere. They come up to me and rub up against my legs, or they’ll meow and purr at me. Even the feral cats at my grandma’s farm approach me. It’s almost like I can understand them, and they understand me. I thought I was crazy for the longest time until my son started complaining about the same thing, and that’s why I wanted to tell someone about it.

Me and my brother saw the same thing. Except it was under the bed. Had my brother stay in my room one night to prove I wasn’t crazy. He layed on the floor by the bed. When he saw it he said when he moved it got closer so I got down there with him and turned to face it. It was like a foot from my face. Black smoke surface with no hair. Yellow piercing eyes and long fingers with sharp nails. My bro was scared so I told him to ignore it and not to worrie I will watch it and I did.. I might have have blinked a little longer than ussual cause I was sleepy. Opened my eyes and it was gone. Since that night I have had a lot of misfortune. Life threatening

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