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How Do You Know if You’re The One Causing Poltergeist Activity?

I ask this because every single home or apartment I have lived in has been haunted or has strange things happen.  It only got weird about 4 years ago, when I moved in with my husband.  It’s his family’s home and he has lived there his whole life.  He said nothing ever strange happened there until I moved in.  After I moved in, we started hearing things like footsteps, lights would dim, and after my Mother died, My husband would hear her speaking.

We recently separated and I moved into another house, taking a room and living with two other ladies.  Immediately started noticing loud banging noises, lights dimming and slamming doors.  The owner, my landlady, states non of these things happened until I moved in and she’s lived there for over 10 years.

I am a very emotionally charged person.  I do suffer from Bi Polar disorder and have serious bouts of depression.  I really do not want to think I am the source of all this strange activity, but I do have to wonder…

Asked by Carolyn

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Hi Carolyn,

Are you a poltergeist .. no. Are you a ghost magnet like me .. it sounds like you are. You might have a ghost or two attached to your energy, so what I suggest you do is scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the links through to both the Michael Invocation and the White Light Shields. The Invocation removes negativity … all sorts of things, and the shields protect you from collecting more after you are clear.

The interesting part for you will be to see how much your moods improve once whatever is haunting you is gone.

Once you have done the Invocation and start using the shields, leave it a couple of weeks and then tell me how you feel, if you want to.

Love & Peace