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How Do You Know if You’re The One Causing Poltergeist Activity?

I ask this because every single home or apartment I have lived in has been haunted or has strange things happen.  It only got weird about 4 years ago, when I moved in with my husband.  It’s his family’s home and he has lived there his whole life.  He said nothing ever strange happened there until I moved in.  After I moved in, we started hearing things like footsteps, lights would dim, and after my Mother died, My husband would hear her speaking.

We recently separated and I moved into another house, taking a room and living with two other ladies.  Immediately started noticing loud banging noises, lights dimming and slamming doors.  The owner, my landlady, states non of these things happened until I moved in and she’s lived there for over 10 years.

I am a very emotionally charged person.  I do suffer from Bi Polar disorder and have serious bouts of depression.  I really do not want to think I am the source of all this strange activity, but I do have to wonder…

Asked by Carolyn

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Am I Psychic Or Demon Possessed?

This is going to be hard for me to explain. So please bare with me.

I can sense this darkness in myself that is some how doing what is mention below.

Sometimes I can just look at a person and feel a darkness coming from them.

Sometimes I get visions. I once had a vision about this girl that was in my class. Just for a split second I thought I saw a black snake wrapped around her neck like it was choking her. The next day she committed suicide. She hung her self. My visions have come true more than just once but they aren’t always about bad stuff.

Sometimes a word will pop into my head that is relevant to the situation I am in. Like this one time my friend was telling me about this awesome date she went on and the word liar and pride popped in to my head and here I come to find out she was lying about her date.

Sometimes I feel like a negative vibe coming off places.

Sometimes I actually see like this black smoke or it can be like some kind of black goo coming out of walls floors. But that is very rare.

Sometimes I will see symbols in my head. And few times I have started writing these symbols with out realizing that I am doing it.

I will have brain splitting headaches. That’s usually when I have all that I mention happen.

Occasionally poltergeist activity will happen around me.

I should mention this name keep popping in my head. Thera.

Just to clarify I’m not depressed, I don’t day dream about hurting myself or hurting others. Normal childhood, both parents are still together, I have a wonderful big brother, no history of mental illness with me or with my family. The most I might have is a light case of ADHD. I have talked to a doctor about the headaches and did a few x-rays but nothing found.

Asked by Kristen

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Do Poltergeists Act Out Against Some People More Than Others?

Do poltergeists act out against some people more than others in a household?

I have suspected that I have a poltergeist in my home for sometime. It usually doesn’t give me a lot of problems, other than knocking noises at night, that I have learn to ignore most of the time.

I have a cleaning lady that comes a couple times a month and we have had some weird things happen when she is here. One time when she turned a lamp on, the light bulb blew up and shattered into a bunch of pieces, but I just thought maybe it was just a bad bulb, but another time while she was cleaning something kept switching the light in the kitchen off and on. Just this week while she was here, a big picture fell off the wall. Neither one of us was near it. The screw in the wall that was holding it was still in the wall firmly and the wire across the back was still in tack. It didn’t just slide down the wall, it feel with a big bang and quite a ways from the wall.

Later we heard a ringing noise in the kitchen and we both went in there and the metal sink stopper was vibrating on the counter and making a ringing noise. Neither one of us was near it.

I’m beginning to think this thing doesn’t like her or it wants to get her attention. She is a believer in spirits, but I think things in my house is starting to spook her. I might have to get a new cleaning lady!

Sincerely, Nancy Abbott


Are Poltergeists Demons?

I have heard that they are Demons and they want to possess your body. Is this true?

Asked by Nancy Abbott